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The Wines

80% Grenache, 5% each Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Vaccarèse, destemmed, 3-4 week concrete vat vinification,destemmed, 3 week concrete vat vinification, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling (not in 2018), occasional cap punching, aged large 34-40 hl barrel 8-12 months (renewed since 2011), unfined, unfiltered, 21-32,000 b


deep robe, black hued. The bouquet is calm, filled, based on sweet-toned blackberry fruit, coulis in style, and a nudge of raspberry. It’s close to being weighty. The palate also favours a sweet, rolling style, with ample, thick juice on board. It’s broad across the finish, has a nourishing nature, with lip smacking tannins involved. It’s a well enveloped Châteauneuf of good heart, strongly Grenache in style, the density rather stylish, thankfully. It will spread out well in a large glass, and, though young, can be drunk now due to its sweet ease. Decant it. 15.5°. From late-2021, ideally. 2040-42 Nov 2020

2018 ()

(barrel, bottling late 2020) dark red; the nose is easy going, nice, inviting, on black cherry, restrained opulence, black berry fruits. The palate texture is suave, gains powder tannin, wright on the close, rocky tannins there. Its power is just under wraps. It holds good, tasty, cool fruit, is fine, aromatic. It’s lucid wine with attractive restraint, has time to gain more variety. There’s some low-key power on the aftertaste. From 2023. 2039-41 Oct 2019


full red robe; black cherries, appealing blackberries, licorice and a hint of violet mingle on the nose. The palate opens nicely, bears fresh, stylish fruit, fine tannins, a little grain-rocky note in them - they are superior to many 2017 tannins. It’s a silky sort of Châteauneuf, with serene appeal, first youth. There’s more to come, but it carries Châteanueuf elegance. Fine juice comes through on the aftertaste, with pepper touches. From 2021 to help the tannins enter more. “It has a lot of finesse, I am happy,” Blandine Mayard. Bottled one week ago. 2036-38 Oct 2019


(barrel) dark robe. Has a sweet black berry nose, succulence in it. It shows the ripeness of its Grenache, a soft depth from that. The palate is well-fruited and tasty, runs clearly, and the tannins are ripe, so well inset. The finish is well rounded, also based on an underlying sweetness. This gives good, genuine, neat and charming Chateauneuf, open for business from early 2019. 15°. 32,000 b. 2028-30 Oct 2017 

2015 ()

plum red robe; the nose combines Grenache plum fruit, mixed herbs, menthol, is quietly reserved. The palate sets off with a tasty, spiced debut, has power, but a good, firm delivery, some still chunky tannins, comes with ground force. The length is good. 15°. €20. From 2020, decanting advised. 2038-40 Oct 2018


(barrel) dark robe; blackberry, black raisin airs, founded on ripeness, has a treacle-rich, baked infill. Very smooth palate that proceeds consistently. Baked fruits and raisin feature on the finish, where there is some juiciness. There is a measured bite of tannin in it, as it lengthens steadily, on its texture. From mid-2013. 2026-28 Dec 2011

2007 ()

full dark red robe. Has a granular, black fruit aroma – olives and sweet southern airs - the fruit ripe to high, with some violet. The nose suggests a sweet palate is coming. The palate is ripe, pleasantly rich, without excess. It picks up supporters as it goes – tannin, and an extra charge of depth. The end is secure, largely rounded. There is a gain in acidity late on, hmm. Ripe style of wine, maybe a little flat. I wonder why I notice the acidity – is it integral? From 2010. 2019-20. Nov 2008


quite a dark red; plum, sappy aroma that is a touch on the sweaty, overdone side, has a minor opulence and is also a bit fundamental. The palate`s red plum fruit comes with a perfumed overlay. The texture is oily. Is a bit short and unconvincing in its fruit quality. Some late heat. Hmm. 2015-17 Nov 2007

2005 ()

sweet bouquet, with a curl of sweet black berry fruit, good depth – comes as a modern, elegant style. Supple, fleshy wine – is very Grenache in its form, maybe has a little Syrah to kick it along. Nutted, ripe end, the fruit disappears there at this young stage. Sound structure, the berry fruit comes with dash. Flattering, scented sweetness on the palate – a touch of the boudoir. Modern, clean lines, its oak needs leaving until 2009. 2019-22 Nov 2006

2004 ()

middling red colour; dusty, smoky aroma with a true burst of pepper in it: is still travelling on the bridle – youthful. The palate continues the peppery theme, with black fruit that has an intense point at its core. The nose and the palate link well. The finish evolves from its first display of pepper and dust towards a more settled licorice tone as the wine warms and airs. This will ease and soften – currently it is in the grip of its vintage, with its upright shape. An honest wine, it is clear and mobile in the mouth, and has an STGT leaning. 2019-21 Sept 2008, Boston

2003 ()

quite a full robe; the nose is rather dry-toned, also bears peppery red fruit. The palate fruit is on the pebbly side, is attractive enough. The ripeness is extreme here – there is a drought side on the finish, which stops a little. Can it resolve the finish? Time is needed, if nothing else. 2018-20 Sept 2004


advancing robe, ruby well present now; dates, brewed jam aroma, spiced redcurrant jelly, Rich Tea biscuits, sweet tea – general signs of evolution. The texture is smooth, but the flavour is on to a marked second stage – there is a roll of coffee, raisin that is delivered with some finesse. This is right at its peak now – provides attractive drinking. Open and drink it – don`t let too much air dry it out. Its fruit is clear, and there is end heat, but it evolves quickly once opened. 14°. 2010-11 Nov 2008


quite dark; has a rather hard, almost metallic aroma which is dark, bosky and grape skin airs. The palate starts on sappy, plump notes, is cooked up both in texture and flavour. Has lots of black jam fruit, but could be more nuanced. It is got up by its vinifier to suit the USA market, I suspect (tasted blind). It is not essentially well balanced. From 1999. 2007-09 Oct 1996


medium-plus colour. The nose is quite deep and dark – airs if prune, olive paste, has the potential to be generous and full. The attack is well-textured – this wine has breeding – it shows true intensity and good tannic casing. Its damson plum fruit is cleanly presented, and has good balance. Tannins assert on the finish. Has the potential to age. 2013-16 Oct 1996