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The Wines

Syrah from a mix of granite & alluvial river soils, cooled, part destemmed crop, 3-4 week vinification, wild yeasts, cap punching, pumping overs, aged 60% new, 40% 1-2 year oak casks 16-18 months, filtered, 2,000 b


(casks) shiny, deep robe. The bouquet is full, wide and potentially stylish; it has a concerted, sustained aroma of crushed black cherries, with clear delineation. The palate wells up broadly, the black fruit delivered with a bounteous but cool hand, comes with flair. The tannins encircle it well, and it goes long. This will be an impressive glass of Hermitage. 13.5°. 2,000 b. €31.60. From mid-2019. 2033-37 Oct 2016


(casks) dark robe. Has a pine-cedar air, an oily backdrop, suggests simmering black berries in the pot, some red meat, strong licorice and Indian tea. The palate starts on a rather thick coating of black berry fruit – this has hardly got going yet. It has a dark, tarry centre, a full fruit core, with some char and tar in it. A wine in a muscular vein, a big shape sought by the maker (tasted blind) with notably ripe, cooked fruit. It will move into black raisin, prune notes before too long, but is a bit uneven along the palate. From 2015. 2023-24  Nov 2012


(casks) rather dark robe. The nose is solid, meaty, comes with a coffee-cocoa, tight accompaniment; bright raspberry fruit lies within, hidden in nature for now. The palate is also concentrated, into a small zone, hasn`t got out and running as yet. A manly sort of Hermitage, shows tar and slightly strict features after half way. A bit more flair, please. Patience needed. The length is pretty good. From mid-2014. 2026-28 Nov 2011


(casks) full, dark red. Seasoned, mulled red fruit aroma, along with chicken stock, and animal notes - very young and a grass roots, en elevage, being raised wine for now. Sunny Syrah red fruits jam and spice flavour that is rather drawn in and compressed, and shows dryness in its late stages. It may reflect the high heat, stressed vines. It ends on raisin, baked notes, but the dry finish is a concern. The animal notes on the palate should disappear. Decant this, anyway. From 2013. 2022-24 Nov 2010

2008 ()

(casks) dark, bright black cherry. Green, tarry nose – it is grilled, the fruit is red berry, strawberry. The palate has some Hermitage heart, its black fruits run along with freedom, and are given a boost by the oak. It is better than the nose, but still rather curled up. A bit stuck together, length is OK. From late 2011. 2018-19 Dec 2009

2007 ()

(casks) full, matt hue; simmered black fruits that are ripe, not overdone, lie in the bouquet – there is a tea aroma adding depth, while oak lies across it. Clean, modern black fruits lead the palate – the blackberry is laced with violet, and runs along steadily. Its monofruit, not nuanced flavour suggests the east end of the hill, not the west (tasted blind). Sound length, with fruit apparent on the finish. Not local for now, with its chocolate-oak aftertaste. From spring 2011. 2021-23 Dec 2008


(casks) dark, bright black cherry robe; has an expansive nose – toffee, raisin cake, rum – is charged and ready to go, also bears a little high tone and oak. The black fruits on the palate taper – offering more early than late. This rolls with quite a full-on character – but I wonder about its harmony, even in ageing. Try in 2010, and hope the end is softer and more integrated. There is matter here, so it can evolve. The fruit is international today – black cherry – and the oak gets on top late on. 2017-20 Dec 2007


broad bouquet, a little down home funky, there are black fruits with game fringes and a little pepper heightens it. Sound palate, middle of road fruit start, but this doesn't sustain as one would like. Is rich within, so I reckon it can move along OK. Honest, without the great pedigree of the best sites. Shouldn't be expensive. More complete by 2008-09, but there is a rather sharp element in its flavour today. 2018-21 April 2006


(cask) sustained, full, peppery nose, good balance. Well-charged, upright Hermitage, the manly wine. Sound content, fruit is red berries, and has tannic structure. Very hidden now, drink from 2008. 2021-23

2001 ()

quietly full, smoky nose, peonies; bit narrow start, then broadens, has sound, chewy licorice length. Quite well-directed. 2015-17


meaty/smoky, ripe nose, has moved past violets stage, though still stylish; harmonious attack, light cooked red fruits, less oak marking than at first. Correct tannins. Some end richness. Esp 2005-06 on. 2012-15