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The Wines

100% Syrah, 30% from Le Plomb (2001-02, own crop), 70% from purchased crop mainly Brune area, notably Côte Baudin, Grand Taillis, Fongeant, Montlys at St Cyr, part destemmed, 3 week open vat vinification at up to 28°C (reduced), pumping overs, only a few cap punchings, aged 50% new oak (until 2005 was 100%), 50% 1-2 year casks 19 months, unfiltered, 13-16,500 b (before Le Plomb was 8,000 b)


(casks) red robe, a hint of purple; the nose is cautious, shows a shaft of raspberry fruit with some vintage sun, a droplet of sweetness in it, bacon fat, herbs. The palate threads raspberry with a little suave ripeness, holds smoky tannins, a touch of late iron and floral influences. This holds back rather, needs to fuse and amplify, but holds good central fruit, so that’s encouraging. From 2021. 2040-42 GB £353 (est) per 12 b i/bond H2Vin quintessentially@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 073 6655 Nov 2018


(casks) dark red robe. A raspberry coulis air, deep red fruits with a shimmer of florality show on the nose, with light reduction. The palate sits with ease around fleshy content, black berry fruits. I find it low on soul, a drifter, a tame wine. The finale is fresh enough. I wonder how fresh this sample is (tasted in London). From mid-2018. 2034-36 Nov 2016 GB £353 12 b in bond H2Vin www.h2vin.co.uk info@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 478 7376


(casks) shiny, dark red. This has a nutty, oaked, grilled aroma – there are airs of blackberry, a note of varnish, squid pulp. The palate delivers a fleshy run of dark berry fruit, with some freedom and an orderly tannic support. It carries the cool features of the vintage, stops a little suddenly for now. There is quiet inner strength. It denotes the northern zone in its compact, somewhat steely nature. Decant it. It is gaining weight and interest over time. From mid-2017. €39.50 ex cellars. 2031-34 GB £174/6 bots in bond Berry Brothers 0800 280 2440 +44(0)207 022 8973  www.bbr.com  Jan 2015 Previously Nov 2014 *** (casks) sound red robe. Smoky, precisely defined raspberry fruit aroma that is tightly drawn, compact, has style. The palate is based on red berry fruit, with pockets of gras richness to steady the ship. The ending is grainy, still unmade, firm and square. This needs 2+ years to fuse. It is quite sound, but not arresting, which I suppose is damning it with faint praise. From 2017. £320 12b i/b H2Vin www.H2Vin.co.uk orders@H2Vin.co.uk 2024-26 Nov 2014


dark red robe. The nose has an inky, pulp of berries air, lots of wood smoke hanging around. There is a note of soaked red cherries, raspberries. The palate delivers a tasty attack, with a quiet mid-palate. The finish has a strawberry jam flavour, some oak toffee there. This shows some Côte-Rôtie scent, could be more precise. 13°. 2026-29  Oct 2015 Previously Nov 2013 ***(*) (casks) dark robe. Grilled-smoky first air, soft black cherry fruit, violets a-plenty. The palate is charming – it has a gentle, wavy roundness that pleases. The flavour is a coulis style black berry. The tannins are round, also give a little tar at the finish. Juicy appeal here, a flashy style of Côte-Rôtie that will be up and running quite quickly. Good for the restaurant trade. From mid-2015. 2024-26  Nov 2013


(casks) rather dark red. The nose is a broad landscape, fuller and more assertive than most, has a hearty depth, offers black fruit with a ripe surround. The palate takes up the full theme of the nose: it is not a wine of close definition, more one of general effect. There is a compact mass of red stone fruit, a note of eau de vie and liqueur within, is scaled up. It ends on oak, smoke, tar, mocha. Not subtle, but effective, has an obvious, pushed along feel, ending with impact. Decant. From 2015. 2027-29 Nov 2012

2010 ()

(casks) dark red, with black tints. Eucalyptus, oily, cassis juice aroma, with oak-vanilla airs – the nose is a polished event, shows a little earthiness, toffee and flowers also. The palate is similar in its steadily textured, suave approach. Round and poised, all in good balance it is. The black fruits have oak tannin inserted in them late on. It ends cautiously but securely, is a round sort of shaped wine, a safe production. From spring 2013. 2029-32 Nov 2011


(bottling in six weeks) quite full red. Smoky, well installed red berry fruit, all packed in and layered: it will shine through around 2015-16, and is offset by stones and graphite influences for now. The palate is all on the fruit, and the vintage, until a little late tightening. Red berries in the flavour withy a mineral spine. Ends well, has length. Good. 2026-29. 16,500 b this year. March 2011

2008 ()

mild red. Rather “rusty” air, mineral red fruit that lacks sunny vibration. A drink now palate of red cherry fruit; it is workmanlike, has a lithe late stage, fair length, a raspberry aftertaste. It is a bit short, ends rather vacantly. CHR [Cafe Hotel Restaurant] style wine suited to simple foods. To 2020. Bottled Feb 2010. March 2011

2007 ()

dark tints, full red robe; broad, rather obscure nose with a little floral ease in it – it suggests soaked cherries [griottes] and ripeness, and also has a rather rock-chiselled nature also. The palate is bundled up, enclosed. Black fruit, prune and berry sit inside the palate, with a gradual release of mineral that brings more tang to its flavour. Ends on a pebbly note, and is grainy there for now. Not bad. It needs time to create a more generous finish. From mid-2011. 12.8°. 2024-26 Nov 2009


(casks) black robe, a little purple. The nose has a jam air, slightly sweet red berries here; prolongs pretty well, has a mulled fruit nature. Squeezy, blackberry fruit starts the palate, and continues with a mild sweetness, has rounded tannins and a late sound closure that reflects minor key licorice and prune. It is a safe bet to please, is drinkable early. Something of a modern formula wine, is nice, but its horizon is limited. From 2009. 2022-24 Nov 2007


(cask) dark colour; supple, simmered fruit aroma – compact and shows a little late energy and leather. Soft and harmonious attack, with a persistent black fruit nature – tightens and grows in weight as it goes. Has an open style – suited for earlier accessibility – encouraged by the openness of its Viognier, that may exceed 10%. From late 2008. 2022-24 Nov 2006


tight, rather obscure black fruit aroma, but does have potential. Extracted feel to attack, fruit is sleek, modern and clean - international. Drops away rather tamely. Some quick fix pleasure, but lacks true substance - never lifts off the runway. 2016-18 April 2006 Previously **(*) (casks) direct, broad, open aroma. Fruit is well-structured, broadens mid-palate. Sound length, rich enough towards the finish. Open early on. Only 3% Viognier this year. Esp from 2008. 2015-17


brooding, licorice/violet/smoky oak bouquet. Brewed damson style flavour; mineral side to finish. Big scale, for New World wine lovers. Looser, more varied by 2007. 2020-22


minted, grilled black aromas, a bit stern. Dark fruit, licorice palate, could have more middle, some width. Contains 15 per cent Viognier, is 85 per cent destemmed, and some saignée, drawing-off of juice, for extra colour. Late 2005 on. 2013-16