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The Wines

67% own crop (1987, 1989 Viognier from Maladière & L’Alleau at Vérin), 33% purchased crop or wine (La Côte at Chavanay), granite soils, steel vat fermented until specific gravity of 1030-1020, then raised 50% steel vat, 50% 1-2 year 600-litre oak casks 10 months (until mid-2000s was 20% vat, 80% new-4 year 228 & 300-litre oak casks 12 months), malo completed, filtered, 10-13,000 b

2016 ()

bright yellow robe. The nose is reserved, shows pear, grape essence, wisps of apricot, acacia flowers; there’s more to come. The attack is compact, the mid-late palate firm. This needs a cold winter, or otherwise decant it. Has a dried fruits flavour, plums and peach. It has the potential to deliver liberal run juice, is tasty. Bottled Aug 2017. To 2024 Nov 2017


fine yellow robe. The nose is attractive and varied – the prime fruit is pear, and it also has a nicely musky and smoked side. This is fresh and stylish, backed by good acidity. It holds willing, fine mid to late palate gras richness, is good and broad, and ends roundly. Very drinkable, balanced, sympa wine. 13°. 10,000 b this year. “Ripening took time – you had to avoid underripeness. Nowadays I often harvest my Condrieu after my Côte-Rôtie – the Syrahs are riper earlier and earlier, especially if you don’t want a big extraction. This is quite like 2014 and 2012, but above all is very well balanced,” Jean-Michel Gérin. 2019-20  March 2015

2012 ()

fine yellow robe. Wax, tangerine, Bergamot style air, with a very light drift of vanilla and honey. This has a tender, stylish debut that connects well with the nose, and has a grace that is appealing, building a little power as it goes. This is structured towards the finish. It holds fine juice at the end, ticks over well, and the finale is marked by a wee note of pear eau de vie. Good with rich fish such as monkfish. 13.5°. 2021-23  Nov 2013

2010 ()

pale yellow, green tints. Smoky, lightly oaked air, fennel and verveine tea also, a touch of pear eau de vie – an attractive and graceful nose. The shape on the start of the palate is pointed, then a burnt intensity comes through the mid to late stages. It has the sealed, firm, rather singed ending of some of the 2010s. Decant it. It has tight content and body, best with food, can live. From mid-2012. 14°. 2019-20 Nov 2011

2008 ()

dull, pale yellow, off-cream colour. Spicy, open nose with lines of fresh acidity, the aroma resembling pear, custard at its centre: is not 100% settled. Quite a supple debut here, a wine that skips a beat or two as it goes: its fruit is not consistently on show. Ends on some burn, heat, also a brioche sweet and gummy state. A bit rustic. From spring 2010. 13°. 2012-13 Dec 2009


broad bouquet – pear that is generous, also a nutty, vanilla, banana air and a clear tone to it late on. The palate is graceful, even if it is big (14.5°), and has a beefy nature. The length is steady – this is a bold, food-friendly wine that ends clearly, although a tiny burn comes in on the aftertaste where there is a taste of baked pear and peach. Decant if drinking now, or leave until mid-2009. Bottled end July, so raised longer than many. “Good with fish in sauce – thick, fleshy fish such as monkfish, or rigottes de Condrieu, the local goat cheese,” J-M.Gérin. 2014-15. March 2009

2006 ()

yellow, with a little apricot in the hue. The nose is dumb, although there is matter suggested – some fruit that is near the stone fruit or peach in nature. The palate has a rather sharp debut – is an enclosed wine with the burnt edge of the vintage. Later in the palate it shows more flow, is a mid-weight affair. 13.5°. Drink to 2010-11 Jan 2008 Previously June 2007 *** (pre-bottle) escapist bouquet, with a honey and floral style to it, but not focused yet. Nice charm on the palate – soft and steady. Dried fruits flavour, with late spice and richness. Can broaden and develop. To be bottled next month. 2012-13 June 2007

2005 ()

opaque yellow; bursting, open nose – its pungent fruit has a pear aroma. Wide and pretty generous on the palate, with some late mineral, and “steel”. A full, on the case wine, best with food. Has a chewy, red wine style at the end, with tannic tints. Is muscled, a charged wine. 13.5°. To 2011. Nov 2006


has elegant richness, length seems good. Light spice aroma.

2001 ()

quiet aroma, floral edges, smoky pear/white plum; palate a bit sinewy, taut. Pebbly, dry white fruit flavour. Unformed as yet, could run on.


toast, white fruit, banana notes, is turning to next phase. Fresh start, then ripe fruit, light cask touch, spice and dried apricot end. Length OK. To 2010.