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The Wines

Syrah (2006-07 & 2012-13) from near Boucharey on the plateau of Ampuis at 340 metres, draining soils, a bit of schist, vines stand on Côtes du Rhône lands, with Syrah from Verenay, Tupin-Sémons, all Garon vineyards, 85-95% destemmed, 5-6 week vinification process, a few pumping overs, a few cap punchings, heated finale to the maceration, malo done in cask, aged 1-20 year 228-litre oak casks 11-12 months, usually unfined, unfiltered, much sold to restaurant trade in Lyon, up from 3,000 to 7-9,000 b

2018 ()

dark red; has a well tuned bouquet, leads on blackberry, with licorice, is bright, has nice depth. The palate gives a savoury feel, stewed black fruits with a spot of freshness, a late floral nudge, a peppery aftertaste, blue fruit and raspberry there. There is a touch of oak in its late creaminess. This is genuine, with good feel, will please. 13°. 9,000 b. €14. 2024-25 Dec 2019

2017 ()

(used 228-litre cask) purple, primary colour. Has a neat, rounded blackberry air that is sweetly noted, sunny, has padding. The palate gives a black cherry, supple content, with good squeeze in the tannins; it has foundation, is a true 2017 in that respect, with less acidity than 2016. It manages a little late clarity, mineral. Lozenge style fruit lies at its centre; this is tasty. This has been helped by the vineyards standing at 340 metres. To 2022 March 2018

2016 ()

dark red, with purple. A good streak of black cherry comes out of the bouquet, light floral airs, lead pencil in back. The palate delivers a good, clear up front fruit, is a totting wine, with a late increase in substance. The tannins are ripe, while the oak leaves a slight gummy imprint. The aftertaste is tarry. This is genuine, nicely naked. There are bits of floral, violet through it. “It has a lot of energy,” Kévin Garon. Good with grills. 12.5°. €13. To 2023 Mar 2018

2014 ()

(used 228-litre oak cask) shiny, quite dark red robe. Smoky, peppery, raspberry fruit mix together on the nose. Green pepper, capsicum comes forward on the attack, with red cherry behind. It is slightly stiff now. 1,500 b. From late 2016. 2020-21  Apr 2015

2011 ()

(cask, bottling in two weeks) purple-mauve tints in the robe. Violet, floral and attractive blackberry jam airs on the nose. The palate is tasty, a bonny do; it swings along well, has an appealing simplicity and dash in its red fruits, a perfumed appeal. Nearly ready, is w.o.w. wine. There is a light cluster of tannin at the end. Has strong appeal; I would drink this early. To 2016  Oct 2012