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The Wines

33% each Clairette (late 1990s), Grenache blanc (late-1980s-early 1990s), Roussanne (late 1990s) from sandy, some clear brown clay soils at St Victor-la-Coste, varieties fermented apart 1st Roussanne, 2nd Grenache bl, 3rd Clairette, oak cask fermented at 16-17°C 3-5 weeks, raised on fine lees 4-8 months, assembled before bottling, malo blocked, 2-3 bottlings from Feb to June after harvest, 16,000 b


handsome, bright yellow. Honeysuckle, apricot feature in an appealingly open nose, gives a touch of aniseed, herbs, leaves for infused tea, nectarine fruit and orange zest – the nose has great style. The palate is also stylish – it has a toothsome quality, bears dried fruits, peach jam flavours, shows a little Roussanne saltiness. It lengthens into aniseed and camomile – is a true w.o.w. wine – you want to drink more of this. “Handsome” is the word. Has a good, firm close, some tang and bite at the end. 14°. “It has freshness, but isn’t aggressive,” Luc Pelaquié.  €6 at the domaine, VALUE. 2017-18  Oct 2013  Previously May 2013 *** bright pale yellow. Peach-apricot air that is leans lightly towards a jam depth. There is an underlay of greater substance such as toffee, peanut. This is a slightly dumb bouquet. The palate lives on a heat, glow – this has a compact mass of matter without many fresh glints. Both the nose and the palate carry a latent power; it needs food such as chicken, mild flavours. Not suited to the aperitif, nor is it a strong charmer. Has some weight and gras. 14°. To 2016 May 2013