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The Wines

Syrah from Chanson & La Madone at Chavanay (67%, northern zone), 33% from Saint-Pierre de Boeuf (northern zone), Saint-Épine at St Jean-de-Muzols (southern zone), 3 week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, aged new & 1-year 228-litre Allier & Tronçais oak casks 12 months, then large 22.5 hl oak barrel 6-8 months, unfined, unfiltered, called Les Roches Vieilles Vignes in the past, 6,600 b

2014 ()

(bottling in two months) has a pretty dark red colour. The bouquet is snappy, with sweet red fruits, spice, Pez sweets, floral notes. The palate is also floral, bears thick red fruit juice, and a surf of scented gras richness. It isn’t really an ensemble between its nose and palate. The scenting and floral influence is strong. It is more style Maison Tardieu than terroir. 12.5°. From spring 2018 for increased fusion. 2026-27  July 2016 


dark robe. The bouquet is a sturdy do, gives black fruits, damson plums with a good trail that lingers, along with raspberry Zan (strong French licorice): it is a wide, has heft. The palate presents rolling black berry fruit with inner succulence, and persists very well. This is abundant, and rocky notes lift its second half, making it nice and thorough. Its tannins serve it well – they line the finish, and it’s an interesting wine for thinker-drinkers, one that will evolve gradually. “It’s a more serious wine than our 2014, and is a year to keep,” Michel Tardieu. 12.5°. 2029-30  July 2016


(casks) dark robe. Has a curved aroma that shows supple black berry fruit, an iodine tang and a nutty air related directly to its cask raising. Good, steady black fruit starts the palate, with light scent in it. It is more on elegance than power. Promises to deliver a harmonious drink, say from 2014 on. The tannins are agreeably round, and there is a finely scented aftertaste. Bonny wine. 2020-21  Nov 2012

2010 ()

(casks) dark, sombre robe; real gleam of ripe, soaked cherries aroma across the glass, plum and mulberry fruit also – real ripeness that is slightly “high”, a safely high fruit air. The palate is gourmand but fluid = good. There are big, scented red fruits, a round texture, ripe tannins that are well embedded. Very good. For the more hedonistic, less Protestant drinkers. The finale is round, curvy. A lip-coating wine, where I give marks for unadulterated pleasure when dining. From 2013. 2022-23 Nov 2011


the robe is still dark red; the nose is curvy, interesting, has airs of cooked red fruits, a raspberry heart with some spice, tar. The palate is refined, floral, holds good grip and grain, delivers red fruits with rose hip, takes a fine grain route, ends on floral-musky notes. There’s fine juice within this aromatic, curvy, elegant St Jo. This will be great with lamb. Its oak is still there, but is absorbing. It’s a good example of a 2009. 12.5°. 2030-32 March 2019

2004 ()

grilled, stiff bouquet, black fruit, some stalk. Sternly assembled wine - clean, modern extract of fruit with oak in harness. Where are you from, my child? That is the question - it could come from anywhere. Pepper-licorice finale that is dry. From 2008, and hope for a flourish. Content is rather lean, so oaking formula doesn't help this year. 2011-12 April 2006

2001 ()

dark aromas, that are even and alert in the bouquet. The palate gives sinewy black fruit, good juice, compact, interesting; good length - end is a bit raw/oaked. From 2006, not a wine for young drinking. 2012-14


evolving red robe; has a broad, varied bouquet with plenty on offer - smoky red jam – and is at a good moment now, with the mature fruit and its more varied, secondary rather damp woods elements creating interest. This will be good with autumn dishes. Its sweet red fruits suggest the southern zone of the appellation. The palate has an evolved Syrah flavour, the red fruit accompanied by spice trimming. It ends on a slightly burnt or tarry note from its oak, which a) is a pity and b) would not be apparent were it drunk with food. Drink now – this is authentic Saint-Joseph that comes with a clear finish, but there are some signs of tapering on the aftertaste. 13°. 2013-14 Dec 2008 £15.80 per bottle in bond


dark; closed bouquet, but can emerge and blossom. Lively, shade edgy fruit on palate. Berry flavour, the wine is tightly-wrapped. Needs until about 2003. 2009-11.