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The Wines

96-100% Marsanne (1982), 0-4% Roussanne (from 2011) from clay-limestone, sandy soils at L’Homme at Larnage & La Picuelle, cooled then 50% fibre glass vat, 50% 228-litre oak cask (oak 8% new, 34% 3 year, 8% 4 year old) fermented, raised 10 months, lees stirred, malo usually blocked (2011) but can be partly done (2010, 2015), filtered, “drink with cheese, scallops, fine & fleshy fish, sweetbreads”, 1,500-3,000 b

2018 ()

sturdy yellow robe; the bouquet is broad, rich, gives a fat aroma of white fruits, glazed fruits, roast nuts, is a grapey, sun-filled, buttery opening. The palate is weighted with the rays of sun of 2018, has a rich heart, real insistence, spreads widely. The mixed white fruits come with a little cooked citrus, mandarin, and are intense along the palate. The finish is firm, fuelled, very long. Decanting a good idea here. Its savoury nature is suited to butter-based dishes. 14°. 100% Marsanne. €25. 2028-29 Nov 2019


clear yellow robe. Has a bonny bouquet, a classic Crozes elegance, with neat airs of lime-lemon, soft white peach, a nudge of aniseed. This drinks with great ease, is a bingo wine for the aperitif or salads, starter dishes. The flavour centres on apricot with a note of ginger. This is STGT white Crozes, lovely finesse, very well made. 13.6°. 3,000 b. 100% Marsanne. €9. 2019-20 Oct 2016

2012 ()

full yellow robe. A cooked orange, marmalade aroma marches out of the glass, a plump breadth; there are infused tea, verbena and camomile notes here. The palate holds a wavy gras richness, is tightly rolled together, some Roussanne present (tasted blind). The finale is clear, and shows a white tobacco, low-key vanilla there. Drink with fish in sauce, foie gras, daurade fish. Aniseed comes along on the clear, encouraging, peach-flavoured aftertaste. This is an out of the loop Crozes blanc with its compact gras richness and eyes on later rather than primary drinking. It is a bit like the Scarlet Woman – away from the crowd, causing people to chatter. 13.5°. 2019-20 Nov 2013


very pale robe. Slightly sweet, rose and white fruits exchange on the nose, along with extra weight from notes such as beeswax and candy. The palate is tender, refined, unpretentious. There is a quiet run of hazelnut through it, and it ends calmly, OK. A natural wine, with no artifice. To 2016 Feb 2012

2006 No Rating

light yellow; soft, white fruits scent – Marsanne dried white fruits with pear and white pepper. This is uneven through the palate, shows S02 late on. Ends chemical, cardboard. Jan 2008


rather pumped-up, butter-cream bouquet - the ripe, pre-ordained formula on display. Rich style start with some grip and cut to help it along. Flavour isn't deep-seated, though - runs out of road after its showcase start, fades out at the end. June 2006