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The Wines

75% Marsanne, 25% Roussanne (increased since 2003, both date from 1970s-early 1990s), fermented, raised 50% vat, 50% 3-10 year oak casks 11 months, malo completed, contains 10% of oaked Les Pends wine, 12,000 b


pale robe. Pear, aniseed, white flowers appear in a floating nose, a graceful debut. The palate is quietly rich, has a peach and pear fruit flavour, is lightly nutty and floral. This is restrained in style. There is low-key grip and a note of Marsanne tang or bitter on the close. 75% Marsanne, 25% Roussanne (young vines). 13°. To 2018  Dec 2015

2011 ()

pretty classic yellow robe, ripe looking. The nose is round and easy to like: it is agreeably coated, shows a compote of white fruits, stewed nicely, apricot jam with nut and smoke on top. Air expands it into an STGT Marsanne wine of Crozes, hazelnut and all. This has a well juiced, rich ball of flavour, is a low acidity, round wine centred on texture of smooth appeal. There are a few subtle floral notes, and it ends on vanilla after a tiny show of acidity, spritz. Gives a confirmed, true Marsanne tang on the aftertaste. Extremely friendly wine – its ease sets up a textured aperitif, or summons summer foods, cold poultry, smoked meats etc. 13°. To 2016  Sept 2013, East Sussex

2010 ()

pale yellow robe; spiced white jam aroma, a little glint of honey, a float of hazelnut, soft spring flowers – an easy appeal, pretty bouquet. The palate has a good, level weight and balance, nothing exaggerated, is all as one. It lengthens well, within its quiet reserve. A wine for easy, early drinking, has the bite of the Marsanne, can serve as an aperitif, or go with light foods. It finishes clearly. Authentic wine. with good nerve in it. 12.5°. 2015-16 Nov 2011

2008 ()

yellow, green glints in the robe. Fine, lime fruit air, light honey and flowers. Cooked white fruits on the palate, flan and hazelnut in the flavour. Lengthens well, is a fine wine that has the tang of Marsanne, a quiet persistence. Can do the aperitif, also fine foods. To 2014. Dec 2009


full yellow; butterscotch, grilled brown sugar, hazelnut and honey on the nose. Typical Marsanne on the palate – its mineral side is enhanced by the roast cod or cabillaud fish. It is full to the finish. Drink now to 2011-12. Dec 2008 Previously June 2008 * honey, buttery nose – it has the slightly bonbon sweets Crozes, low acidity profile, shows butterscotch in that vein. The palate also runs along rich, rather made-up lines, with ripe crop leading to white raisin, salty nut flavours. A simple, rather 1-dimensional wine, but OK for swift drinking. The length is OK. Ends quite fully, if a bit raw. 12.5°. To 2009. June 2008

2006 ()

yellow robe; the nose carries apricot with a buttery air, and a little brown sugar (this is an ample 14°). The palate`s apricot and bit of pear have a ripe feel. Ends on a tighter note, but there is some heat and power on the finish, and the wine feels rather exerted there. To 2009. Food is a must for this, so its power can be soaked up. Jan 2008 Previously Oct 2007, Paris ** full yellow colour; ample, ripe, melted butter and caramel aroma, with hints of pear. This is a ripe, round, southern low acidity wine. Flows softly, with a Marsanne stamp on the palate – brings a tone of orange marmalade, with some late bitter notes that are typical. Good with Asian cuisine – nicely rich for the spice. 2009-10 Oct 2007, Paris


pear, white fruit nose that is good and fresh. Apricot and spice mingle on the palate – there are good lines in this, its length is fine and it ends quite richly. Peach and nut on the aftertaste. To 2009. March 2008 Previously Dec 2006 ** expressive, rolling nose – white fruits, white plum, a little spice. The palate has a honey taste, and flows well: its richness is discreet, and there is appealing stone fruit in it. To 2009. Dec 2006

2004 ()

opaque yellow-gold colour; butter, spiced peach, hazelnut nose, already veers towards some evolution, isn't very fresh. Assertive, butterscotch flavour, is a cellar-led, unrelaxed wine. Dips in mid-palate. Lacks grip, finish is toasted, rather burnt. Pity in such a good vintage. To 2009. June 2006


fresh, iodine tinted bouquet. Rounded texture, flavour of white fruits, apricot. A little pushed along, holds a nutty side, greengage. Fair amount here, length is OK. March 2005


light bonbon/candy, suave, floral aroma. Delicate white fruit. Open, nice, easy aperitif wine, charm. Some end richness. Has gained a little body since its vat days.


exotic, banana nose; tight white fruits, nice middle gras, chewy substance. Quite potent, solid; ripe crop aspects.