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The Wines

65-75% Marsanne, 25-35% Roussanne (1976), fermented, raised 1-2 year 228-litre oak casks 12-13 months on fine lees, first wine 1998, not made each year, filtered, 2,300-3,500 b

2014 ()

pale yellow. The nose is inviting, graceful, presents airs of white flowers, peach and aniseed. There is soft gras on the palate’s debut, a compote of stewed fruits such as apricot and ripe peach. This is a wine with a squeezy texture, en rondeur. It continues with stealth, has fine juice, is precise and nicely continuous to the finish. 13°. 1,800 b. 65% Marsanne, 35% Roussanne. Bottled 14 October 2015. 2020-21 Dec 2015

2012 ()

even yellow colour. This has a clear mandarin first aroma, an elegant setting for the nose, with a little pansy, floral delicacy, along with salt, tobacco and pear. It is varied and appealing to start us off. The attack is nice and complete, has a sure-fire richness, all well packed in. It moves towards more sparky late citrus moments, and combines its content and freshness well. Saline, complex, subtle, good brio here – there is bonny finesse in its gras. Sometimes this wine is the clear leader of the pack at Crozes, the fruit of a wonderful slope and the mature vines on it. Halibut, great with this, vegetarian dishes also. From mid-2014. 13°. Bottled Sept 2013. 2,300 b. 75% Mars, 25% Rouss, 5-6 year casks this year. 2019-21  Nov 2013


comfortable yellow. Good, curvy and wide aroma that displays exotic fruits, well-ripened Marsanne – the tropics are present here in an entertaining bouquet. The palate is based on its rich, immediate content; the flavour links lime marmalade, vanilla, sultana and white raisin, cooked peach – a broad array. The gras richness is ample but focused – it doesn’t sprawl. A treat. Very Marsanne typical, also through its tangy, ginger biscuit aftertaste. Lots of dishes await this: chicken with raisins, sauced fish such as turbot, roast pork, smoked salmon. 13°. 2018-19  Nov 2012


shiny, forward yellow robe, legs. This has an excellent bouquet, one that smiles its virtues out, is full of ripe roundness and appeal, and gives the sense of Hermitage thanks to its mature Marsanne richness, also bears a little varnish, dried fruits in its make-up. The palate bears the gras of 2010, its heart is oily; very typical Marsanne from good terroir, so it is fine. The palate is curvy, really good. Back on big form this year, STGT wine. It ends on nutty, white raisin notes, all parts of it in synchronisation. The ripeness subdues the tang or bitter of the Marsanne until the influence of the Roussanne emerges in the form of a more pointed, tangy, salty finale, a clarity of note. This builds through the palate, and also has a lovely texture. It is not an obvious wine. 13°. 2016-17 Nov 2011

2006 No Rating


2005 ()

yellow robe; today its aroma is of exotic fruits (“it`s not always like this,” F.Tardy) – white jam, mango, and good wild honey from Italy (Seggiano), but it is clear. The palate is also very exotic – pineapple chunks, apricot, white raisin, also barley sugar. Has sound late grip, the Roussanne no doubt helping that. Is not a long-term affair, drink to 2011. “It has just reached the end of the first stage of its maturity, with the Roussanne coming through more,” F.Tardy; “the best keeping years for Les Pends white have been 1999, 2001 and 2005 – 2004 is more supple.” Jan 2008 Previously Dec 2006 *(*) yellow tints; baked fruits, raisin and butter in a very round bouquet, with lots of ripeness. Broad on the palate, but there is no real focus – the elements are unevenly distributed. A bit airy at the end, where some raisin and fig lie a little detached. The base matter is refined and rounded. Try from mid-2007, and maybe more pieces of the jigsaw will be ensemble. 2010-11 Dec 2006


elegant bouquet - dried fruits rather than 2002's floral tones. Stylish, restrained peach flavour, with a soft richness; long on glycerol. Attractive, honeyed finish that persists. Has taken its oak well now. 2013. March 2005. Previously *** dried fruits/raisin aroma, some pineapple, nuts. Oak shoulders fence it in. Some honey flavour, lime, spiced orange marmalade within. Oak masks its terroir, though richness is genuine. If oak integrates, more beau around late 2006.


delightfully elegant bouquet, mixes pear and flowers. Lovely elegant palate, far removed from clumpy Marsannes of yore. Stylish texture, is continuing its gentle progress through life. Touch of flan, then apricot, sprinkling of brown sugar. Length good. 2010 March 2005 Previously *** honeysuckle, some white fruit, stylish and wide bouquet. Pear-style fruit, pretty, elegant, has nerve, goes beyond the plump. Minted, fair length. Good for the year, subtle.


pineapple, jungly fruit aroma; firm attack, exotic fruits, chewy. Wide, chewy. Fair refinement, oaked finish. From 2005. 2010.


intense, ripe bouquet; butter/oak, nice middle juice. Oak very marked. Good matter, too oaky.


mineral, some butter on bouquet; pineapple, some oak still, citrus ending, golden apples. Bit burnt on finish. 33% new oak.