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The Wines

100% Syrah from sandy & clay-limestone soils on Martinelles, Goutet at Crozes-Hermitage, with Ravel at Gervans, destemmed, 3 week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, aged 75% used 600-litre oak casks, 25% used 300-litre oak casks 12 months (until mid-2000s was 6-12 months), filtered, 4-7,000 b

2017 ()

bottled two weeks ago. Has a red robe. This is reserved post bottling, shows a strawberry, red cherry mix, holds well, gives smoke, rocks, white pepper. This is nicely styled, on red berries with fresh tannins, suave notes in them. It continues clear and precisely, is an elegant Crozes, unforced. It ends with rocky decision. It can amplify the second half, which is also piano, but does bear some promise. From mid-late 2019. 2030-32 Nov 2018


steady red robe; the nose is soft, red fruit gums in the aroma, light sweetness. The palate holds light red fruits, is quiet wine, has elegance, with fine powder tannins. There’s a slight lack of stuffing. It ends in floral, musky fashion. 2024-25 Nov 2018 Previously Nov 2017 *** (casks) mainly dark red colour. The bouquet has a quiet curve of sweetness in its black berry fruit aroma, a hint of oak in the background. It stops a little suddenly. The palate is compact, bears a red fruits, raspberry-led flavour, has mild tannins. It could be more lifted, more bouncy. It’s rather tame, is OK, but . . . To 2023 Nov 2017

2014 ()

(casks) shiny red robe. The nose is attractive, offers crushed plums, red berries as a distinct, warm first aroma, a jolly plumpness about it. The palate bears expressive fruit, raspberry to the fore, with some pretty supple tannins as it finishes. A wholesome, natural Crozes, unforced in style. There is a little floral overlay on the finish, well done. From mid-2016 to fuse some of its late grain. 20224-26  Oct 2015


fine, dark red; has a latent cherry air, a light note of sizzled bacon, soaked raspberry – this is a cautious bouquet. The palate offers friendly, juiced, open fruit, with a small spur of tannin added after half way, a flavour of strawberry. Uncomplicated – this will be easy to drink, if it isn’t really memorable. Traditional style, with the ending a bit dry, yeasty. Decant. From 2015. 12.5°. 2019-20  Nov 2013


(casks) dark red; has a red cherry aroma, with a herb-nut note – there is reserve in it, it doesn’t have the southern zone openness, accentuates red fruit which is typical for its zone. The palate starts with a supple tune of red berry, mulberry fruit, with a dash of black pepper, spice in it. It lengthens steadily, is not a big wine, but persists in its discreet way. A wine for la table, clear flavours such as roast leg or shoulder of lamb, also monkfish with its good flesh. Decant this. From late 2013. To 2021-23  Nov 2012

2010 ()

(bottling in two weeks) mostly dark robe. Raspberry-blackberry with polished leather, licorice and smoke in the aroma – it is not flamboyant, but has quiet depth and purpose. The palate comes out running more, delivers black berry juicy fruit with fine tannin attached, a natural mineral reserve unlike the full Roche de Glun or Chassis southern zone wines; it ends on that mineral texture encouraged by the 2010 clarity. Honest drinking, without artifice – access to real wine here. I like the fact that it is nearly ready, and raising is designed to last long enough for that. From mid-2012. 2020-22 Nov 2011

2008 ()

purple spots in the red; Red jam air that is reticent, pepper and nutty sides to it. Fine red berry fruit with oak infused into it. The oak lengthens it. Mild drinking from late 2010. The mid-palate is stern for now. To 2017-19 Dec 2009

2007 ()

bright, dark red robe; brooding and reductive nose with farmyard instincts – decant this. The palate has clear fruit, but it is masked by reduction, so once more, rise up and decant this. Has good length, but doesn't drink clearly today. There is a mixture of plum fruit and a tang, not more, of oak on the finish. From 2010. 2018-20 Dec 2008

2006 No Rating

trouble at mill here. Bottle 1: dark red; wow – the nose is stinkee, super reduced, blocks out all else. The palate on bottle 1 is more loose-limbed than the nose, and has some comfortable black fruit with good flow and movement. Easy, consecutive drinking, but my God, darling, the nose!! The nose is sweaty and pongy, school stink bomb time. Decant, decant, decant, and hope. The bouquet and the palate are incredibly reduced on bottle 2, that also has a dry finish. Dec 2007


½ b: 1st bot is corked. 2nd ½ b: robe is still a solid dark red; black fruit with a tiny bit of taint on the aroma. Black fruits run calmly along the palate, has tannin inside, fair structure and a sound base, a wine of keeping qualities, respects the northern zone of Crozes in style, is more reserved than the southern zone. If in bottle, this would live until 2016-18. Nov 2009

2003 ()

attractive bouquet, tar but some reduction also. Palate tucked up by its tannins. Traditional, quite big scale wine. Tannins are ripe. Slightly uneven. 2010-12 March 2005 Previously *** reduced, black jam aroma, violets present, is broad. Fully weighted wine, plenty here, the gras is sustained. Ends quite jauntily, has some end tannin and black cherry flavour. 2006 on. 2014-16


fair black stone fruits bouquet, floral hints. Black fruit interesting, has life in it, nice degree of prune. Has character, sound structure for its year. Soaked cherries flavour towards finish. Can run on. Contains Coteaux wine for more stuffing. 2011-13