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The Wines

Syrah (1994) from loess soils in the northern zone, destemmed, 10-15 day vinification, pumping overs, part vat empting/refilling, steel vat-raised 12 months, filtered, 20-25,000 b

2015 ()

clear, deep dark red. The nose isn’t fully on the go post-bottling, but announces a sustained, dark, brewed fruitiness. There are nutshells, traces of oak present. The palate strikes out well via a surge of black berry fruit with a tasty line of ripe tannins adding flesh and length. It’s a mix of stylish gras and exuberance in the making. The aftertaste is a little dry for now. 12.5°. 24,000 b. From mid-2017. 2023-24 Oct 2016

2014 ()

fair red robe. The nose mixes white pepper with a low-key red berry fruit: it is a little taut. The palate likewise lives on a peppery island, not a lot of open fat around it. It has the clear clip of the northern sector, and delivers a hint of flowers on the aftertaste. Try from 2017: it could gain a little fat. As it stands, it reminds me of a 2004, is rather lean. 12°. 25,000 b. 2021-22  Oct 2015 

2013 ()

sober, quite dark red. Entrails, a “high” aroma, reduction on the nose that demands immediate double decanting; there are mulled to stewed red fruits airs within. The bouquet gives an unsteady start. The palate bears fruit that lacks lift, is already a little mature. A traditional style of Crozes, not the zappy, lifted school. Country food, pies for this. 12.5°. 20,000 b. To 2018  Jan 2015

2011 ()

dark robe. Beefstock, grilled air that gives roasting, bacon in the front line, and extra weight from a prune air. The palate is a big production, is a wine from the cellar: it has a gush of black fruit which is surrounded by nutty oak. More man made than nature made. The oak needs 20 months – it isn’t in step. I find this wine overdone. From late 2014. 2019-20  Nov 2012


bright and dark robe; With today`s low pressure, it is no surprise to find reduction on the nose – this is marked, and mingles with funky, hung game, hunky airs. The effect is a solid bouquet. The palate has a Chassis plain style depth (the southern sector), an earthy, grounded nature, cautious width towards the finish. The start to mid-point is sustained before it tapers. A wine of unfinished business. Its length is decent, and there is a light revival of fruit on the end. From mid-late 2012. 12.5°. 2017-18 Nov 2011


brightly hued robe; supple, red-fruited aroma – there is simple fruit here. The palate is also based on simple red fruit, is a bit yeasty, could be clearer. A wine of uncertain length, a bumpy finish. To 2010-11 Dec 2008


purple, dark robe. Sleek, glimmer of cherry fruit on bouquet, also pistachio - this is modern. Direct, thrusting black fruit, violet flavour with mainstream oaking. Not really enough richness for the oak now. Certainly any chance of drinking it young is taken out by the oak. From 2008 on. Can come together for middle age. 2012-13 April 2006

2003 ()

full bouquet, dense and compact black fruits; striking fruit on palate, potent wine. Gap between cooked fruit attack and more tannic, oaked finish. Cool hint to texture. Softer, more varied by 2007. Decent style. 2013-14


soft red fruit aroma, with prickle. Fresh, reserved red fruit, sinewy, typical northern Crozes tannins. Latent warmth, white pepper. From 2004. 2009-10