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The Wines

mainly 1955-1975 Syrah, whole bunch fermentation, aged 4-12 year oak 9-12 months, fined, filtered, 7,000 b


(bottling in 2 weeks) full, sombre, opaque black robe. Blackberry, smoke, licorice airs, a mature, curved aroma with pepper touches here. The palate is smoky, with hints of damp woods and leather. It builds towards a peppery, fine grain close. There is cooked plum fruit at its heart. The length is fine, with tension late on. Has an earthy, damp soils exit and a smoked, pine and pepper finale. A wine for winter dishes, one that shows some evolution already. To 2016 Nov 2011


dark, plummy robe. The top air is a bit foxy, has oiliness, some bosky-pine, notably lardon airs. The palate has a peppery, tannic thread through it which dominates. It is lightly fruited around this, comes back on tannin-pine towards the end. A wine of yore, yesteryear, the fruit not modern. There is a slight dryness at the end, demands a sauce. A duck terrine adds clarity and spring to the wine – makes it finer and brings out spice and violet in the flavour, and a smoked finish – an interesting marriage. A real local drop, far away from the Superhighway – authentic, no make-up. 12.5°. 2016-17 Nov 2011


subdued, fairly dark red; overtly peppery aroma, comes with snap, crackle, pop, and there is a touch of a red jam aroma within. Pepper also leads the palate, which is clamped by its tannins and oak – the squeeze is on here. This is a pepper-fest, Tom Yam soup almost, without the brow mopping. Try in late 2008. Where is this going? Concern is that it ends drily. To 2012-13 Dec 2007

2004 ()


dark, inky robe; brewed, dense nose, notably ripe fruit with an earthiness. Big fruit extract, with alcohol present, has a violet, sinewed finish. Tannins right here, needs time to integrate. Funky style, full. 2007 on. 2014/16 Dec 2004 Previously (casks) *** well-filled bouquet, gummy red fruit. Cherry fruits, , pretty chunky wine in youth, tannins evident. Plenty of heart. 2007 on. 2012/13


mid-level colour; light kirsch/cherry aromna, peppery hints. Grainy texture, some red fruit, with tannin hovering on finish where acidity rises. Fresh finale. Needs food not solo drinking. 2007.


black fruit bouquet, more settled with air. Soft wine, raspberry tones, warm, a little unstable maybe. Drinkable and easy. Was more together. 2010/11 Sept 2004


damp, simmered fruit with earthy side. Fungal, pebbly fruit flavour, a little heat, floral intrigue on finish. A few tannins still. Getting fragile. Sept 2004