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The Wines

100% Syrah (a little 1924, 1943, late 1980s-1992), from southern sector vineyard of same name, gneiss granite soils, 90-100% destemmed, 3-week open vat vinification with cap immersed, aged 40% new (until 2005 was 20% new), 60% 1-4 year 228-litre & 640-litre oak casks 20-22 months, filtered, first wine 2005, “drink with venison in wild mushroom sauce”, 3-5,000 b

2019 ()

(cask) full red; the aroma is deep seated, a little meaty, towards prune concentration, cooked fruits, the oiliness of the South. The palate bears fluid, stylish richness with juiced tannins, a wave of delivery, persistence. It finishes with ample gras richness, is multi-layered. There is firm black fruit concentration inside. There’s a lot here. There are black olives’ notes at the end, it has a texture of the South. It’s dense, but also fluid. “It has 2019 amplitude, length, is very beau,” Benjamin Duclaux. 14°. From 2026-27. 2053-55 Feb 2020


(casks) dark red; the nose is wide, on cooked plum, sweetness, sunshine, an implication of iron, the red fruit stylish and inviting. The attack is tight-knit, has a good core of red fruit with mineral content, jack in the box energy after half way, a good spur of freshness. The shape is upright, with no false-make-up, is truthful Rôtie. Precision has been well achieved in a hot year. The aftertaste is speckled, peppery. From 2025. 2046-48 Feb 2020


red robe; there’s an engaging raspberry fruit aroma, a rustle of dried herbs, dark fruit on the nose. The palate is a rocky fissure affair, cautious red juice merging, very much backward now. It carries the clear features of the domaine’s wines, is rather spinal, while the red fruit on either side of the spine flows calmly. There is a gradual build in rocky intensity along its path. This takes a Nordic approach, is a precise wine that can, and needs to, amplify. The close is peppery. From 2025. 2043-45 Feb 2020 Previously Dec 2018 **** (casks) dark red colour; the nose is slightly brothy, stewed, could be fresher – perhaps this cask sample isn’t recent. There is a perfumed surround to it. The palate bears fleshy, violet-infused content, with a little pick up in powdered tannin towards the finish, which is rounded, layered. There’s more depth than it shows on the surface, with a gradual gain in that as it goes, a note of quiet power on the aftertaste. This has the potential to interest. 100% Syrah. 13°. From 2022. Decanting advised. 2040-42 Dec 2018

2016 ()

(casks) dark red colour. The nose has a tarry plunge of black fruits, black raisins, licorice, is vigorous. The palate holds agreeable gras richness that rolls along steadily, shows a little succulence towards the finish. There is a cool, blueberry fruit lining. It’s more traditional than sleekly modern, has heart. 13°. From mid-2019. 2029-30 Nov 2017

2015 ()

(casks) full, dark red. The nose is deep, with a Bovril, meat stock lead, backed by blackberry fruit with some neatness. The palate is spiced, rests on a firm couch of red berry fruit and for now evident oaking-charcoal towards the finish. It’s hardly got going, and needs leaving until mid-2019 to come together and settle. The finish is clear, and its structure certain. 13°. 4,000 b. 2033-36 Oct 2016


(casks) shiny dark robe. The nose has gravitas, hidden corners, more than most: there is a for now sealed aroma of black berry fruit, a firm layer. The palate sequels tightly from the nose, comes with a stylish run of black cherry fruit, takes on some low crunch tannins. A wine of some authority in a vintage where that is often absent. The length is assured. 3,000 b. From mid-2018-19. 2028-29  Oct 2015 


(casks) dark, shiny. There is solid depth on the nose, with some grilled, oaked notes; the bouquet has inner strength, shows dark black fruit with a note of violet. Has a masculine, firm palate, with good reach. The fruit quality is high, and is clear. There is plenty to come. It lengthens on tight-knit content and natural freshness. It has a delightful, long, precise finish, one that encourages another glass. 13°. From mid-2017. 2029-31  Jan 2015  


dark robe, red with black. The bouquet shows soaked fruits, damp forest, as if it is just starting to evolve. It is quite weighty, isn’t a child of the skies, is wide. The palate bears dark berry, mulberry fruit with just a note of stewing about it. This is ample Côte-Rôtie where texture and a low-key sweetness are part of the game plan. It gives a little tar from its tannins, ending broadly. Decanting very much a good idea. 13°. 2023-25  Oct 2015

2011 ()

(casks) the red colour has a steady depth. There is a curvy sweep to the nose which offers some oily red berry notes – the fruit aroma is stylish as if this came from the southern zone. The palate shows high grade fruit which runs very smoothly and consecutively, with enough depth to suggest an interesting evolution. This is a wine of some class, also balance. Its compact, full harmony is a big asset, and it will please well. It has the finesse of Burgundy, but also the latent depth of the Northern Rhône. A bonny wine that sings a noble tune, without effort. STGT – true terroir here. From 2015. 2024-26  Nov 2012


(casks) sound red robe; smoky, somewhat fungal air that is reductive, bears ripe fruit within and some floral scenting. It is an elegant bouquet, with a good grouping of its aroma. Good, STGT style on the palate, a terroir wine. It carries snappy tannins and a genuine Côte-Rôtie feel, encouraged by the freshness of the year. There is some oak ingrained, it shows orderly gras richness on the finish – a tarry, generous element there. A wine of character, no messing around, has good length, plenty in the late stages. From late 2013. 2024-26 Nov 2011


(casks) bright, promising dark red robe, black tints. Good, safe bouquet – it is tight, led by light game notes and ripe black fruit – the ripeness well done, and leading on to a more robust, young barrier – a “do not pass for now” moment, the oak on guard. The palate`s black fruit is light on its feet, even with its depth and quality there is a refined side. It runs consistently, and has elegant potential. There is a fine line of fruit, the flavour emerging as blueberry with space, breeze, minerality around it. Good balance, very good length, very promising. From 2014. 2025-27 Nov 2010


(casks) dark, quite bright robe; black fruit with a creamy side to it on the bouquet, and menthol-leather also. This nose is broader than many, and its harmony is pretty. This is a wine of heart – its black fruits are juicy and clear, even to the point of leaving a saline aftertaste, with oak around it that can infuse, say by 2011. There is a welcome ripple of muscle in this. Good poise on the palate and fruit quality here. 2020-22 Dec 2008

2006 ()

(casks) pretty full, dark red robe; the bouquet shows an essence of blackberry and mulberry, with quite a rich interior, some oak smoke, and a little violet: is round in shape. Modern black fruits rock on along the palate that has a tidy flow, with a late peppery, rather oaked finish. Fair richness here, the texture is smooth overall. There is a late flavour of black cherry. The oak means the wine should be left until early 2010. Not an ambitious wine in its scale, but the elements are very well linked and it is true to its zone in the appellation. Good length, a wine on the right track. 2020-22 Nov 2007


mature red; the bouquet needs air, has a brewed nature, the outer on fine grain, spice, the inner on cooked plum fruits, stewed strawberry. The attack is aromatic, with a keen side to the tannins – typical of 2005 – they support and extend it well, do a good job, deliver menthol and fresh pine. Burgundian plumpness lies within its coating of pebbly tannins. It reaches its finish with a steady hand, is not in complete harmony/sync just now, so leave until 2020. 2034-36 May 2018 Previously Nov 2006 ****(*) (casks) dark colour; open and alert red fruits aroma, with backing behind, a little meatiness, has a full, but clean-cut nature. Signs of oak-pistacchio, as well. Progresses well through the palate – at first, sleek, clear fruit, then growing tannins. Clean finish, though not yet together there. Interesting wine – has more scope and “darkness” than the classic wine. Sinew is present, mineral, too and the final fruit calling card comes en finesse. Esp 2010 on. 2029-32 Nov 2006