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LVT 2019  r  2019 wh  A domaine on the march under nephew Maxime Gourdain (pictured, with his uncle Louis and a bottle of 1985 and of 1947, both remarkable wines when tasted in February 2020), with an impressive set of 2013s to 2019s - there are now three wines instead of just one. The plot-specific Besset from the north end of the appellation at Verenay started out in impressive fashion in 2013, and has been either **** or ****(*) from then until 2016. It shows genuine breeding as it is raised in the cellar, gaining in authority and dimension. In the past Rosiers has been an unpretentious, middle-plus rank Côte-Rôtie, marked by traditional winemaking, submerged cap rather than punching down during fermentation. Gradual updating of casks here has been a good sign. Around 35% of the wine and some harvest is sold to merchants from the southern Rhône, since the cellar isn't large enough to handle everything. The domaine has previously been best in the good years, but I detect gradually improving wines here of real authenticity.

From 2014 there has been a small amount of Condrieu following a vineyard swap with Vignobles Chirat at Condrieu. It is finding its feet, and has been supplemented with another 0.12 hectare, also at St Michel-sur-Rhône; the 2018 was a natrual, beau **** wine. Nephew Maxime has been in charge of the domaine since May 2013; he is Louis’ sister Huguette’s son, and studied at Mâcon Davayé. He did training stints in Savoie, Beaujolais and chez Jean-Michel Gérin.

Maxime Gourdain, uncle Louis Drevon 3 rue des Moutonnes 69420 Ampuis

Tel: +33(0)474 56 11 38


Countries exported to:1) Switzerland 2) Belgium 3) USA – before was 1) Belgium 2) Japan 3) GB

Percentage Exported: 10% down from 15%+

British Importers: Germany: Finkenweine Dr Lutz Krämer Kaulbachstr.6 14612 Falkensee +49 3322 232501 +49 177 7191700 www.finkenweine.de info@finkenweine.de

USA Importers: Misa Imports 1502 Viceroy Drive Dallas TX 75235 +1972 235 3834 www.misaimports.com info@misaimports.com