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LVT 2018 r 2018 wh There has been steady progress at this domaine, which has a modernistic leaning. At last the boys [Christophe pictured] have woken up to their overuse of new oak, and have cut that back, and increased their cask size to 400 litres across the board. Les Rochains is becoming a wine of genuine stature. The classic wine Colline de Couzou and the sparky Côte Rozier show more direct fruit, and are get up and go wines. Cellaring of five years helps the oak to infuse, and brings out increased complexity in the wines. The Condrieu, with its Viognier (late 1980s) growing up, is now a good, regular performer, and a Viognier IGP from massale cuttings in Savoie has been a good recent addition.

Mornas route de Rozier 69420 Ampuis

Tel: +33(0)474 56 12 30


Countries exported to:1) USA 2) GB 3) Switzerland 4) Belgium 5) Hong Kong, PR China - was 1) GB 2) Switzerland 3) USA 4) Germany 5) Asia, Luxembourg - before 1) Switzerland

Percentage Exported: 25%-30%, down from 45%

British Importers: OW Loeb & Co Ltd, 3 Archie Street, off Tanner Street, London SE1 3JT, +44(0)207 234 0385, finewine@owloeb.com www.owloeb.com Goedhuis & Co, London, Great Western Wines Bibendum London Goedhuis London

USA Importers: Weygandt Metzler Importing PO Box 56 Unionville PA 19375 +1610 486 0700 www.weygandtmetzler.com New France Wine MI