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The Wines

from loess soils, 90-95% Syrah, 5-10% Viognier from loess soils on La Gerine, Cognet with Fongeant, destemmed, first juice cooled 4-5 days at 13°C, wild yeasts, then 3 week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, some part vat emptying/refilling, aged 50% 1-year, 50% 4-year 228 litre casks 18 months, just 1 racking, unfined, unfiltered, first wine 2009, 2,700 b


(used 400-litre cask) shiny, quite dark red; there’s an instant aroma of griottes, soaked red cherries, an aroma that is on the go already. There are Viognier-inspired floral and oily notes. It’s exuberant for a wine so young. The palate delivers expressive raspberry fruit, floral touches right in place, most pleasing. It extends on fine juice, gives lots of Rock n’Roll. It’s packed with energy, fun. There’s very busy juice all across and along it. From mid-2021. 2035-37 Feb 2020

2018 ()

(used 400-litre cask, bottling May 2020) jolie red robe; there is good snap on the nose, which comes with brisk red fruits, cherries, is very clear. The palate gives a good strike of red fruit, links well, the fruit racy, with a smudge of Viognier vinosity in its texture. It’s crisp, interesting, has a good naked quality, ends on iron-rockiness. It can amplify a little, which will be helpful. “It’s usually in bottle by now, but I wanted to give it two winters of raising, but there’s not been much of a winter, so I am waiting; I would drink this within five to six years,” Stéphane Pichat. From 2022. 2029-31 Feb 2020


(cask) dark, attractive robe. The nose has an engaging floral tone, centres on blackberry jam, traditional rose scents, comes with a neat curve of ripeness. The palate is gutsy, suave and shapely, holds squeezy content, flexible tannins. The fruit criss-crosses it well, and it builds into a solid finish, nice and thorough. It has a fresh thread all along it, captures the spirit of the vintage well. 13°. From 2020. 2030-32 Nov 2017


(used 600-litre cask, sugars and malo finished) dark red, very full robe. A cassis, soaked black cherries aroma is delivered with a tender roundness, a nose of good, curvy appeal here. This is stylish. It holds classy fruit, is sweet but pretty clear, delivers wee cool notes on the finish. It is already running along, like a wine that is six to eight months old, not a few weeks. It has nice cut, with grainy-chalky clarity and a spring in its steps. It has Pinot notes. 2028-30 Oct 2015



(cask) dark robe. The bouquet produces an aroma of lamb stock, sweet herbs, a fine line of black berry fruit. The palate runs with an enjoyable, in the moment, berry fruit, with a gourmand, tasty flavour. The finish is marked by an increase in darkness from its tannins which have good cut. This is open, nicely sunny. From mid-2018. 2027-28  Oct 2015 


sober dark robe. Oily, Indian ink, brooding air of prune, grilled nuts, a little mystery beyond. The palate gets out right away – this has ripely styled fruit, with a liqueur texture and force in it towards the finish, where oak makes its mark. Has a beef stock, Bovril style, chunky aftertaste. Wide panorama here, lots of buzz. From mid-2015. 13°. 2023-25  Nov 2013 Previously Oct 2012 (steel vat,  13 days old, sugars ended, malo not) bright, purple robe; nicely fragrant top air, iodine, violet, black berry, some subdued notes of pepper. Easy going fruit on palate, smooth texture, moves easily, lacks some stuffing, but its shape is good. Oct 2012

2011 ()

bottled Sept 2012, usually is Jan following: sound red; has something of a Pinot style air, plum fruit, mixes nerve but plump virtues as well. There are touches of leather and smoky tea to add intrigue. The palate starts on a scented note, has a red berry flavour, strawberry, and supple content after half way. Very accessible tannins. There is bite towards the finish. An interesting mix of floral elements and tang. Fine wine, one for buyers of Burgundy. The aftertaste is savoury. 2021-23  Oct 2012