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The Wines

Syrah mostly from southern zone, a little from Mercurol, Gervans, destemmed, 3 week vinification at up to 30°C, wild yeasts, part vat emptying/refillings at first, aged vat 3 months, then large 20-30 hl barrels (date 1992) 6 months (until 2005 used to have 1st bottling after 21 months, 2nd bottling after 26 months), fined, filtered, 24-33,000 b

2018 ()

full, dark robe; the bouquet is wide, raw, plunders a deep seam of black berry, brewed fruit, black raisin, with a sweet hump to it, oaking present. The palate mixes ripe, rolling content with oaking, holds rich, fleshy content, sun rays through it. The flavour resembles black cherry lozenges, with licorice. The finish is demanding for now, a little on power. Decant it. 13°. From 2022. 2032-34 Nov 2019


(large barrel) quite a thick dark red robe. The nose assembles blueberry fruit with some precise definition. There is a hint of oak, a tang of clarity. The palate holds cool, minted red fruits, has a quiet nature. The length is sound, and it’s an orderly, restrained Crozes that offers safe quality. 13°. 28,000 b. 2022-23 Nov 2017


(cask/vat) purple-red; has an easy aroma on the nose, which favours elegance over strength, gives an air of red berries, a little hedgerow depth and laurel in it. The open early fruit develops a peppery angle, a dusty sideshow as it ends. A free-run Crozes, without great depth, but nicely fluid and agreeable for convivial drinking, even solo, on its own. Has light blackberry fruit, is a bit simple. 13°. To 2018 Nov 2014  


sombre darkness in the robe; the nose is rather weighty, its depth accumulated rather than imposed, has a prune-blackberry lead aroma. The palate content sets off on ripe prune, dark flavours including cocoa, mocha at the end. Solid Crozes through the insistence of its full fruit. Tannic touches, toffee and oak show on the finish which isn’t yet liberated. Weighty wine, a wee bit ponderous. 13°. 24,000 b. £17.99 Louis Latour Agencies GB, $22.99 Deutsch Family Wines USA. 2019-20  Nov 2013

2011 ()

quite a dark red. Smoky, pine woods air with a tangle of dark fruit – the nose isn’t yet closely defined. Bacon and beef stock aromas, cold tea are present. The palate has a solid, near meaty depth. For now the black stone fruit is static, not showing through. Broad wine with buzzing tannins. Has a finale of melted chocolate, dark features, thick juice. There is plenty here. Decant this. 13°. From 2014. 2018-19  Nov 2012


dark, shiny robe; this bears a near excess ripeness on the bouquet – it has airs of black raisin, African continent fruits, rum cake. The palate has a big debut, is weighty, with a soupy home run: a wine that lacks brisk appeal. It is suited to winter drinking, and full flavoured foods. There is a sweet noted aftertaste, which combines dates and spices of a sweet Asian nature there. Decent length. A power style of wine. 2016-17 May 2012

2009 ()

a zig zag of a ride here: the wine starts out full of vim, fruit and appeal. After one hour open, the oak comes through on the nose and finish, and it becomes vacant, and much reduced in pleasure. I have marked it somewhere between, since at first I rated it a good ***(*) wine. Note follows as per after first opening: dark robe; there are ripples of blackberry fruit on the nose, which carries minted notes with dark grain tannin in the air – it holds up well. Has a smoky licorice, the smoke from its oak. The attack holds cool, oaked black fruit, is compact, tight. Nice curl of black fruit on the aftertaste – it is a solid, genuine Crozes. The oak hovers below the surface – as a sleek, oaked Crozes, I like it. Then the air has a drastic effect on it . . renders it much more ordinary. From late 2013, and do not decant. 13°. 2019-21 Jan 2012


youthful red, like a Beaujolais. Blackberry, big red berry fruit aroma, like fresh jam, with licorice. The nose is shapely and unfussy, and gives vegetal notes rather than just pure fruit. The palate bears red berry fruit that is clear and breezy, has fine length, a drinkable flow, can be drunk solo, and works well at cellar temperature. A good party wine for convivial settings. There is a finale of licorice and a lot of pepper. Has been well manoeuvred out of a tricky year, is a very cool vintage wine, a classic example of that. 13°. 2012-13  Jan 2011, East Sussex

2006 ()

largely full red colour with some black traces. Has a mildly sweet, black fruits aroma with prune and leather in it. The palate holds soft fruit with mid-level depth – not more, nor is it long. Bouquet preferred to the palate. To 2011. Dec 2008

2005 ()

safe, quite sweet nose, with some black fruit. Round, quite fat start to palate before the tannins kick in, and then it dries and curls up towards the finish. May be suffering from bottling two weeks ago. Try in Oct 2007, not before. 2012-13 June 2007


(barrel) from 2006. 2015-16

2002 No Rating

(barrel) no score - pale; light jam aroma; rather thin.