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The Wines

70-90% Marsanne, 10-30% Roussanne, (until 2006 was 100% Marsanne) from Chavanay, must cooled at 12°C, Marsanne steel vat fermented at 18°C, Roussanne 228-litre oak cask fermented, raised 4-6 months on lees with stirring (until 2006 was oak cask raised 3 months), Marsanne malo blocked, Roussanne malo completed, filtered, 2,000-3,000 b


shiny, rather full yellow; the bouquet carries a white raisin aroma, with lucid, salted surrounds. There’s a hint of grilling. The palate bears rich, closely entwined content, a flavour of dried fruits with notes of nectarine, apricot towards the finish. Its juice is pretty thick, and it persists surely, the aftertaste fluid and a little chewy at the same time. This has nice style, has been well made. 13°. 70% Mars, 30% Rouss. 2028-29 Nov 2019

2014 ()

yellow robe. The nose presents an aroma of peach fruit, apple blossom, has a tender quality. The palate is also elegant, even if it drifts a shade towards the finish. The modern school of white Rhône here: the gras is supple, and cosy. Suited to hors d’oeuvres – it isn’t up to big flavoured dishes. 13°. 70% Mars, 30% Rouss. 3,000 b. 2019-20  Oct 2015 

2013 ()

pale flint robe. Fresh, tangy, mandarin- Bergamot citrus aroma, also an appealing peach air, white pepper and a salty, licorice style freshness: a good, varied bouquet. The palate presents a typical hazelnut, honeycomb flavour of Marsanne on the attack, with a low-key elegance of texture, a smooth side, from the Roussanne. An apricot, white plum little ball of flavour emerges on the finish, which is crisp. This is elegant wine. It is quietly persistent, not at all showy, but has authentic qualities and subtle strength. Day 2: there is more flesh, a note of marmalade, extra roundness on the palate. 70% Marsanne, 30% Roussanne, 2,000 b. 13°. 2018-19 Oct 2014


medium depth yellow. Has a forward air of Marsanne – touches of hazelnut, and a soaked pear, apricot ripeness, banana fat present. This has a round palate coated by a little notion of pear and peach, its oaking bringing added density. The flavours are a tiny bit neutral, but its fine acidity and careful late grip stack up in its favour. A wine for la table. 13°. 70% Mars, 30% Rouss. 2,400 b. To 2019  Nov 2013


pale yellow. Floral, agreeable nose with light cinnamon spicing, cloves, and a lime marmalade aroma. The palate continues on a mild run, is agreeable, aperitif wine with not a lot to it. It seems low acidity, but is well made for early drinking. The flavour assembles light apricot, quince notes. Ready now. Fair length. 70% M, 30% R this year. 13°. To 2016  Nov 2012

2009 ()

mild yellow. Has a smoky, flint air, a low-key citronelle or lime influence, soft honey notes emerge after opening. There is a good cut of dried fruits on the palate, and it is does well to combine the hazelnut of the Marsanne with the iodine, cutty tang of the Roussanne, which fit into a little oak. It is upright, crisp at first, then rounds after 1 hour open. It is a tiny bit on the stretch, shows some late glow, is good with food, notably fried plaice fish – this brings out more juice and flesh from the wine. 70% Marsanne, 30% Roussanne this year. 13°. 2018-19 Nov 2011


mild, honeyed nose with some exotic fruit present. Stylish palate of good cohesion, marked by fine Marsanne. Agreeable texture, rounded feel to it. 13°. To 2015. Malo partly done this year, 70% Marsanne, 30% Roussanne (highest in recent years). July 2010

2007 ()

opaque yellow colour; has a nutty, honeyed bouquet with ripe apricot and vanilla in it. The palate has a broad, insistent nature, and ends on a wide, chewy note. This is a wine of structure, whose length is good. Holds quiet richness, and is best suited to food. Good now. 2010-11. Bottled March 2008. 12.5° Dec 2008

2006 ()

mild yellow colour; has a rather gritty, uneven, assertive nose – shows some hazelnut, but also a green apple effect. There is a low key offering of fruit on the palate – the fruit is rather obscure in its declaration and definition. There is a little richness in the texture, but towards the finish it is rather salted and a bit burnt. It is out of line with the majority of very good, expressive and soundly rich whites of this vintage at Saint-Joseph. Uneven wine. 12.5°. 2009-10 Jan 2008


light custard, nut aroma with some pepper and Marsanne hazelnut alongside. Lighter touch, mid-weight nut flavour – is rather dumb, and the white fruits are tight. Marzipan finish. 2011-12 June 2007


some stone fruit, quite warm nose; ripe enough fruit, peaches, easy. Honeyed end. Agreeable.