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The Wines

50-60% Cinsault (half from Gard, St Victor la Coste), 20-30% Grenache (from Vaucluse), 10-30% Syrah, soils cover stony limestone, clay, sand, must cooled at 12°C, cultured yeasts used, the Cinsault vinified by direct pressing at 16°C, Grenache by bleeding juice off the skins (saignée), Syrah receives a cool skin maceration over 1 night, steel vat raised 4 months, lees stirred, malo blocked, unfined, filtered, 8-12,000 b

2013 ()

onion skin, pale pink colour. Smooth air of redcurrant with a salty, more quince note, a hint of primrose – this is a pretty stylish and well defined nose. The palate presents an appealing small red berry fruit, with a note of licorice late on, some compact roundness as it ends. It drinks with enough content to accompany hors d’oeuvres dishes, simple dishes, but it is also elegant enough for the aperitif. Well made, no loose units. A w.o.w. wine that has airborne qualities, and notable precision. It is very good, and going well now. 50% Cins, 30% Syr, 20% Grenache. 8,000 b. 13.5°. To 2016 Oct 2014


2 bottles tasted: 1st bottle: corked. 2nd bottle: pink, some dark tints. Clear, breezy redcurrant fruit air. The palate expands with a plump gras richness, a fleshy heart. Comfortable rosé for la table, great with spaghetti a la vongole (clams), salty dishes such as brandade. Has good, clear length. 13°. To 2015. 12,000 b this year.  Oct 2013  Previously May 2013 *(*) pink robe. Candy, bubble gum presence in its red fruit aroma, comes with notes of salt, white pepper. The palate is clinical at first, then frothy. This is a bit of a test tube wine, not convincing. The red fruit is only fair, and the wine lacks some character and length. Not happy about cultured yeasts use, which renders many rosés banal and gummy. To mid-2014. 14°.  50% Cins, 30% Syr, 20% Gren this year. May 2013


red tinted robe, reminds me of 1 night fermentation for café red wines in the 1970s. Has a glossy, red cherry jam air – the nose is rather deep, and comes with a little sprinkle of herbs – thyme, sage. There is a prominent display of red jam, redcurrant fruit on the palate, with liberal spicing present, late licorice and mint notes that lift it. Great with grilled red mullet with herbs, fennel dishes for instance. To 2015. Oct 2012


pretty pale pink, a classic robe. Well measured, constant aroma, tight air of redcurrant, a hint of nut, a sense of rubbed warm stones. This is an easy to drink wine, comes with a refined little pocket of red berry richness that is plump and lies at its centre. It lengthens discreetly, and with a firm purpose. Good, clear wine. 13.5°. Now to 2014. Jan 2012


red tints in the pink robe; has a compact, red cherry aroma. The palate comes in an upright style, is rather closed, and bears a little late sweetness. Modest, though it is clean and its length is OK. To 2010. Dec 2008