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The Wines

100% Syrah from 5 hectares notably 0.7 ha on Lancement (1980-1995), 0.6 ha Bonnivières, Chavaroche (0.5 ha early 1980s & 0.3 ha early 2010s), 0.7 ha on Mornachon (1985), also Côte Baudin, La Landonne, Moutonnes (0.11 ha 1945, 0.4 ha early 1980s), Les Rochains, Fongeant, 65% destemmed, 21 day vinification, wild yeasts, twice daily pumping overs, 1 cap punching, aged 20-30% new, 70-80% 1-6 year 60% 300-litre, 20% 228-litre, 20% 500-litre oak casks 10 months, fined, unfiltered, 26,650 b


(casks) regular red robe; there is likeable serenity on the nose, red fruits that have clear definition, blue fruit touches, is nice and calm, not yet varied. There’s a murmur od perfume-flowers. There is good style in the juice, an immediate offer of it, streamlined tannins in play. Its cool late notes work well. This is no pretension, authentic Rôtie. From 2023. 2043-45 Nov 2019


deep red robe; iron, rose petal airs mingle on the nose, which will evolve nicely, is going well now. There is immediate iron with tender floral notes on the palate. It has a fine spine, gains squeeze and gras towards the finish. The tannins can fuse further. It’s genuine. €44.10 export via Thorman Hunt, GB. 2038-40 Nov 2019 Previously Mar 2018 **** 1) (Lancement, Chavaroche, 600-litre used cask) ***(*) dark red. The bouquet is sunny, gives a sweep of ripe, liqueur red fruits, soaked red cherries or griottes. There is a thread of darkness, tar in its mulberry, cherry stone flavour. It feels and tastes ripe, is textured thickly. It is smooth overall, isn’t yet ensemble. This is solar wine. 14-16 years 2) (a pre-assembly of eight different plots, 600-litre used cask) **** dark red. Light grilling, oak-toast, a neat red berry, mulberry inner aroma with notes of roses. This has good, cosy style at its heart. The palate moves fluidly, is gourmand, and well-juiced sweetness is present. This has finesse, and gives a good, steady and consistent flow, musky notes. It’s an open and willing, pleasure wine. From 2021. 2034-36 Mar 2018

2016 ()

1) (Lancement, Chavaroche, 1 year 500-litre cask) ****(*) full red. Indian ink, blood, oak varnish show in a bouquet with a sturdy nature, compressed and compact it is. The palate holds dark red fruits in a clean, connected line-up, oaking present. This has a suave texture and fat that keeps moving, good generosity. Iron filing feature on a cool close, interest there. There are lots of prompts on the go. “It is complex,” Jean-Luc Jamet. 18-20 years 2) (Mornachon, Bonnivière with a bit of Tartaras, used 300-litre cask) ****(*) very dark red. The nose has meat, lamb stock airs, cassis and mulberry coulis or liqueur. It will be stylish in time, served in a large glass. The palate connects very well; there’s real good heart to this, real depth; I like its honest foundation. There are droplets of blood, is very sustained, full of drive. It captures the imagination. 22-23 years 3) (a blend of La Landonne, Côte Baudin, Les Rochains, Bonnivière, Fongeant, Moutonnes, used 300-litre cask) ****(*) very full robe. The nose has a mineral-lead air, pine woods, large red berry fruit. The palate delivers waves of dark berry fruit with ample, willing gras, is a stylish do; tannins assert, and are dense at the end. There is menthol on the aftertaste, with oak, obviously.  It has good vibe and freshness all through, and savoury, enjoyable moments, is tasty and genuine. From 2021. 2038-40 Mar 2018


shiny dark red, a handsome robe. The bouquet is bold, on beef stock, iron, dense black berries, has a poised, integral sweetness, airs of raspberry liqueur, oak smoke. It’s a solid start. The palate has the theme of mineral well placed through it, a lot of mountain of matter, thickening towards the finish. It holds sparkling and dense fruits – cassis, soaked cherries. It is vibrant and very full; there is real flair off its sun-dialled deck. It has great juice; it’s a treat to taste this. Decanting advised. “It has a lot of black fruits, a belle freshness to underpin it; it’s very long,” Jean-Luc Jamet. 12.5°. 2040-42 Mar 2018


dark red. The nose is becoming assured, settling, has floral airs peeping through, fat and cooked plums, nice ripeness, a good sphere. There is a Pinot side to it, with hints of oak, wild strawberries. This has an easy attack, bears squeezy and rounded red fruits such as strawberry, a willing orb to please. The tannins are discreet, bring an extra layer with the oak, so there is a gummy nature late on before ending on light menthol clarity. This is notably charming, with tinkly, rightly simple fruit at its centre. 12.5°. 2028-29 Mar 2018


½ bottle: steady red robe. The bouquet shows the early tang of sous-bois, damp woods, a second stage of evolution, autumn mineral airs, with strawberry jam. The attack is lucid, a trifle spartan, with keen, rather pesky tannins that have bite in them. There is a flavour of cooked red fruits, a fresh line through them. Tannins and oak, with a note of toffee from them, are not quite inside; they bring chewy moments. The close is a bit dry. “This got going from 2014,” Jean-Luc Jamet. This was hand bottled, in the very early days of the domaine, and perhaps freshness wasn’t all it could be. This used four new casks. 2026-27 Mar 2018