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The Wines

100% Syrah (late 1980s, 2009, 2013) from 0.85 hectare on schist soils at Le Vallin, 67% destemmed, 15 day vinification, wild yeasts, twice daily pumping overs, 1 cap punching, aged 80-100% 300-litre (60%), 228-litre (20%), 500-litre (20%) oak casks 5-10 months, fined, unfiltered, can be two bottlings one in April, the other September, 10,500 b


dark red robe; the nose is notably grilled, with blackberry, a hint of raspberry. Iron, cut feature on the debut, cassis and blueberry mixed, then seaweed towards the finish. The close is crunchy. I find this unformed now – it was bottled Aug 2019, needs to knit. 13°. €11.15 export via Thorman Hunt, GB. From late 2020. 2026-27 Nov 2019

2017 ()

dark red; the nose comes forward without delay, shows plum, spicing, grilling, meatiness. The palate is evolving, centres on red stone fruits, raspberry, carries a touch of floral-perfume, then iron-mineral towards the finish. It has an inkiness supporting it. 13°. €11.15 export via Thorman Hunt, GB. 2025-26 Nov 2019 Previously Mar 2018 ***(*) two casks tried: 1) (used 228-litre cask, bottling Sept 2018) ***(*) dark red. There is light reduction on a nose of sound depth of cooked black fruits, some summer warmth, violets. This swings along well with juicy generosity on the palate, gives plenty of entertainment, finishes on soaked black cherries, with some tar and an unkempt nature there. The nose and the first half of the palate are very good; the finish needs to absorb. 2) used 228-litre cask) **** dark red. Tea leaves, soaked black cherries and a vegetal verve show on the nose. There is smooth flow all through the palate, with juicy appeal, a good swing in its step. The finish is fleshy, rounded. It has good nerve, some mineral. This will be good vin de pays, VALUE at €14. 2025-26 Mar 2018


full red robe. An air of cooked plum with inner sweetness shows on the nose, has a husky sideline, is not very open. There is an essence of crushed red fruits, soaked cherries, on the palate, which has substance. The tannins are smoky, with oak apparent in the tarry finale. This is a bit rugged. It’s not yet ensemble, is a wee bit pitchy, and the second half is exerted; it’s a touch dry here and there. 12.5°. 2024-25 Mar 2018


½ bottle: dark red. Has a brewed, brothy aroma, sweet, crushed blackberry fruit with a hint of grilling, vegetal. The palate has iron, blood in its delivery, good black fruits with vigour and spark and real consecutive flow. There is commendable detail in the fruit. The aftertaste is salted. Cool and good. It’s a very good, Rock on Tommy vin de pays; the stems contribute good crunch – it’s well lifted. “it came together nice and steadily,” Jean-Luc Jamet. 12.5°. 2026-27 Mar 2018


this is the second of the two bottlings, in September, a year after the harvest: has a safe bet red robe. Mulberry, cherry liqueur airs, a spot of eau de vie and violet perfume feature on the nose. This is tight, mineral, a bit on the wire, but aided by floral/rose, primrose touches. The finish has dry notes, vegetal. The nose leads the palate – it is aromatic, quietly round. The palate is more challenging, spare. “There is white tobacco on the palate,” Jean-Luc Jamet. 2022-23 Mar 2018