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The Wines

Syrah (33% 1940, 1945, 33% 1997-1999, 33% 2005-2013) from 0.72 hectare on gore, decomposed red granite, N-E facing, late ripening slope on Coteau de Blanchard, rented vineyard (from the late Gérard Villano & family) taken over Jun 2012, 50-90% destemmed, 2-3 day cool maceration at 10-12°C, 2-3 week vinification, cap punchings, a little pumping over, aged 1-6 year 228-litre casks 12 months, unfined, unfiltered, 1,200-2,500 b

2017 ()

quite a dark red; cherry fruit, bright aroma that curves on 2017 ripeness, is still holding back. There’s very elegant fruit as the palate opens, real good cut and notably aromatic precision. This has pure, w.o.w. qualities, a rather sultry note in the fruit. It’s good now, but will keep doing well until 2027-28. Bottled end Aug 2018. €18.50. 2027-28 Dec 2018

2016 ()

sober dark red robe. The nose has a damp soil, prune and soaked black fruits aroma, is weighty. The palate is sweet, lined with fleshy content and fat tannins, all in a circle of delivery. It has a static style which doesn’t immediately invite a second glass. It will please residents of the land of the sweet tooth. The aftertaste has a perfumed, musky presence. 13°. From 2019. 2024-25 Nov 2017


(used 228-litre cask, sugars completed, malo not yet) dark red. Has a floral and nicely profound fruit aroma, soaked cherries in it. The holds scrumptious fruit, bold black berry, its tannins snug. Good length. It is 13.8°, which I note. Holds 20% stems. Good potential. 11 years Oct 2015

2014 ()

bottled three days ago: red robe. The nose has a coulis style air of red berry jam, is supple and curvy, shows a little licorice. The palate links truly to the nose via a soaked red cherries flavour; the mid-palate is supple. This drinks clearly and has quiet style, plenty of truth. Beau, precise, genuine St Jo, marks for clarity and purity. The exit is fresh. Only 10% stems include this year, with a very low crop (45% of the usual) after a lot of sorting due to the fruit flies – 1,200 b. 12°. 2020-21 Oct 2015

2013 ()

red robe. Has a pepper-floral perfume, red fruit alongside. The palate gives crunchy, cool lines of content centred on red cherries, is still upright. This is another clear wine, with absolutely no make-up applied. This is good: its tasty pockets are set to fuse. There is a sense of herbes de Provence, rosemary, on the finish. 50% whole bunches. From mid-2016. 2022-23 Oct 2015

2012 ()

½ bottle: fine red colour. Has a smoky berry air, raspberries, dried herbs with light pepper. The palate holds cool fruit on the attack – this is very typical, STGT wine with its pepper and very beau clear red fruit, is naked in style. It has a pumice stone clarity of texture, offers interest and character. 13°. 2021-22 Oct 2015 Previously Oct 2012 *** (steel tank, 3 days old) purple, sound robe; peppery start, has a three-quarter weight fruit, will be elegant, the tannins fit in well. 8 years. Oct 2012