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The Wines

Viognier (1988) from 0.32 hectare on granite, meagre soils on south-facing Marmouzin at Condrieu, with Viognier (2011) from 0.18 hectare on granite soils on Corbery (shaded vineyard in the mornings) at 270 metres at Condrieu, and from 2019 Viognier (2017) from 0.19 hectare on granite soils on Rouelle Midi at Limony, L’Arbuel is the stream below the two touching vineyards, cool decantation at 10°C, fermented 12% new, 88% 1-year 600-litre oak casks, raised 12-13 months, malo completed, first wine 2015, 2,000-2,500 b


1) (Corbery, used 600-litre cask) **** pale yellow; has a firm, bold nose, apricot fruit, inner strength. The palate is muscular, but also carries good direction, has structure, the length fresh. It’s clear and “up”, has a cooked lime flavour. “It’s very pure”, Xavier Gérard. Half the harvest was eaten by birds. Harvested 17 September. 6-7 years 2) (Marmouzin, 25 gm of sugar, still fermenting, 14.3°) ***(*) yellow colour; the nose is compact, shows aniseed, cooked lemon. The palate issues evident, firm gras, has a grounded style, ends with quiet strength, is very much table wine. 8 years. Xavier may add one cask of Côte Châtillon to this.  2026-27 Dec 2019


pale yellow. The nose is discreet, has a good foundation, really steady. There is a pear aroma, a touch of lychee, greengage plum. The palate combines elegance and firmness, is well lined with fruits such as apricot, followed by grapey notes late on. It holds well managed inner strength, lasts securely, will show a good side over time, served in a large glass. It’s a serious, grounded Condrieu. Decant it. 14.5°. €26. 2026-27 Dec 2019

2016 ()

fine yellow robe; refined pear fruit, floral softness, a trim aroma on the nose, which is relaxed, has a curvy pear lead fruit. The palate holds pear fruit, plum, spicing, with apricot-vanilla towards the finish. It flows very consecutively, has a soft register, with nice focus central to it. It’s calm, nicely true, restrained, and NOT tense! 14°. Bottled Jan 2018. €24. 2023-24 Dec 2018


(1-year 600-litre cask, the Marmouzin part) yellow robe. The nose is restrained, gives airs of flowers and depth of pear fruit. There is sweet gras at its heart on the palate, which grips well, is long. There is a note of the lees. Impressive length. “Decantation was complicated this year, since there was a lot of sugar and glycerol – it took two days instead of 10-15 hours,” Xavier Gérard. 2025-26 Oct 2015