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The Wines

Viognier (1984-85) from 1.1 hectare on Côte Châtillon at Condrieu, only passerillage harvest on 31 October 2018 (grapes had turned almost blue by then), no noble rot, 100% new 228-litre oak cask fermented 2-3 months, then filtered to halt fermentation, 75 mg SO2 added, raised 8 months, no topping up till May, bottled late August, 145 gm residual sugar, 3.65 Total Acidity (high), 85 total mg SO2, 1,100 x 50 cl b


gold robe; there’s plenty in the bouquet, is an intense affair, shows honey notably, with apricot, sponge cake, pear, and quince paste. The palate serves charming richness, has a very silken texture, ends firmly, with joli layering. Flavours include wild strawberry, apricot. It’s concentrated towards the finish. “When I harvested my usual third run in 2018, it came in at over 15°; I realised it would unbalance the regular cuvée of Châtillon. With the forecast good for three to four weeks, I decided to make this – the stars were all lined up for it. There are hawthorn flowers in the vineyard, and a bit of that influence in the wine, I find; I may name it after that – aubépine,” X Gérard. 12°. 2044-46 Dec 2019