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LVT 2011 r 2011 wh rosé Gained some fame due to the involvement of legendary French film actor, Jean-Louis Trintignant (A Man and A Woman . . the rain dripping down the car windscreen . . the music . . the box of hankerchiefs . .) The wines are improved here, with more comfortable fruit, since the extraction was cut back in the 2004 vintage onwards. The vinification was reduced from 21-28 days to 12-16 days, and is now also performed at a lower temperature.

Claude & Bertrand Cortellini, Jean-Louis Trintignant chemin de Massacan 30210 Saint-Hilaire d`Ozilhan

Tel: +33(0)466 37 06 92



Countries exported to:2012: 1) Belgium 2) Switzerland 3) Japan 4) USA

Percentage Exported: 2012: 30-40%

British Importers: Nothing but the Grape 3 Calico Row Plantation Wharf London SW11 3YH +44(0)203 544 4027 www.nothingbutthegrape.com sales@nothingbutthegrape.com

USA Importers: Stéphane Defot Z Wine Gallery Imports WA