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The Wines

40% Roussanne (late 1990s), 20% Viognier (late 1990s), 15% Clairette (late 1990s), 15% Bourboulenc (1970s), 10% Marsanne (part, 1970s, rest late 1990s), concrete vat fermented at 16-20°C, raised 6 months, malo blocked, fined, filtered, 12-13,000 b


bright, pale yellow. The nose is upbeat, Viognier central to it, airs of pear with dash, energy, freedom, vanilla. The palate engages with its citrus-white plum flavour, and a southern squeeze of gras richness; it’s dainty at its centre, and has a good, aniseed style close. Life and charm in the glass, a w.o.w. wine here: it gives lovely drinking, is very good with seared tuna, mozzarella, steamed fish, aubergines and others. The Clairette influence serves it well. 13.5°. To 2020 July 2017

2012 ()

yellow robe. Tangerine, glazed fruit and pineapple aroma thanks to the ripeness of the fruit – the bouquet has a good glisten, an oily aspect, shows peach and a wee note of acetate. The palate strikes a good chord between supple gras richness and fresher length. It ends roundly and not exrted, gathers in honeysuckle and richer nougat aspects before that. Apricot with a typical spot of Marsanne tang appears as it ends. Drink with sauced fish, fowl. Allow this to breathe. 13°. 30% Rouss, 30% Vio, 20% Clair, 10% Mars, 10% Bourboul this year. 13,000 b. €5.38 ex cellars. 2018-19  Oct 2013

2011 ()

pale yellow, green tints; almond and hazelnut airs, a sense of brioche along with orange and lime in a grainy, nutty bouquet. The palate offers cooked fruit on the way to jam – there is citrus a-plenty, then peach, with a considered line of acidity that helps it to tick over. The length is attractive, and there is freshness in its complete finish. White meats, pork in raisins all good with this. To 2018. 14°. Oct 2012


rather reductive air, but a flan and floral aroma within that outer influence, the fruit is ripe, has some fresh notes. Good fat on the palate, the gras comfortably installed, tastes of spice and white fruit. Calm, rounded end. Can run to a second stage, is agreeable. Grilled fish suitable. “Asparagus from here with a mousseline sauce and lardon chunks (bacon style) from the Cevennes hills would be good with this,” Ria Klein. 2018-20 March 2011

2008 ()

mild yellow, light pear colour. Has a mild and inviting nose – brioche, cooked pear, licorice – it is also a good feature that the Viognier has not been allowed to dominate. Good grip on the palate – this is a real winner, its body and acidity are in fine tuning. The fruit is free, clear and its finish rounded. Good with difficult vegetables such as asparagus and artichoke – they bring out a lemon aftertaste. 13.5°. To 2012-13. June 2010