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The Wines

23-45% Clairette, 26-45% Viognier (N-W facing at 250 metres), 5-45% Bourboulenc, 10-21% Grenache blanc (mid-1980s) from clay-limestone soils, steel vat fermented at 16°C for 2-3 weeks with early ripening Viognier & Grenache blanc together, later ripening Clairette & Bourboulenc together, then 4-5 year 228-litre oak cask raised 5-6 months, malo blocked, filtered, Cairanne Côtes du Rhône Villages until 2015, name Tradition used until 2019, “drink with chicken vol au vent, cod à la Provençale”, 2,800-3,750 b


flinty yellow colour; the bouquet lies low, but has a  comfortable couch of white fruits, pear and greengage prominent, with apricot, and a dose of freshness. The palate is wavy on attack, textured to please, with a well sustained run of mixed white fruits that aren’t yet fully out and about. It has a good, secure heart, and is suited to la table, a good range of fish dishes in prospect. The second half is tasty, most pleasing. 14°. 3,730 b. Decant it. 2024-25 Aug 2020 Previously Feb 2020 **** (bottling end March) yellow robe; fat, rounded bouquet, buttery and sun-filled, a hint of salt. Immediate, generous richness on the palate, which holds well, is a fleshy, plump, rolling Cairanne. Drink quite soon – with sauced dishes, Asiatic cuisine. There’s a touch of salt at the end. 40% Vio, 40% Clair, 15% Gren bl, 5% Bourb. 2023-24 Feb 2020

2018 ()

opaque yellow colour, pear skin. The nose shows reduction, needs to breathe, has a cooked white fruits, white raisin, buttery aroma. The palate is on fat content, in the immediate, the texture smooth. It’s a trifle subdued in expression, shows honey towards the finish. It’s for la table more than the aperitif, and needs serving quite well chilled. It carries finesse, takes a traditional path. Decanting advised. 13.5°. 2,150 b. 50% Vio, 25% Clair bl, 25% Gren bl. 2022-23 Mar 2019


pale yellow robe, flinty. The nose is dumb, hints at pear, a note of apricot, camomile. The palate drinks easily and openly, with the vintage mark of some drift on the second half, a toning down there. There is a small ball of gras there. Low horizon wine. 13.5°. 44% Vio, 34% Clair, 11% Gren bl, 11% Bourboul. 2,800 b. €6.33 export. 2018  May 2016


yellow colour. There are gentle, floral airs on the nose, and light peach and honey nuances. Licorice and fennel also show here - local moments. This drinks well, combines freshness with a soft, savoury touch that renders it good for the aperitif. Good style, sound length. 13°. 45% Vio, 23% Clair, 20% Gren bl, 12% Bourboul. 3,500 b. To 2020  April 2015


fine yellow. There is an agile nose here – notes of pear and citrus, nicely up in the air. The palate continues the airborne, elegant theme, drinks with some tingles of clarity on the finish, is all very clear, w.o.w. wine. Good style, deft weight, very beau. Aperitif or light pasta dishes ideal with this. 13.5°. 37% Clair, 26% Vio, 21% Gren bl, 16% Bourboul. 2,800 b. To 2019  April 2015


calm, pale yellow. Soft aroma here, ready now, less manly than most 2012 Cairannes. There are light floral notes such as acacia, with pear. The palate lacks real depth, is a travelling phantom. Doesn’t implicate me enough – it holds white fruits that never really reside on the palate. Tender wine, but it straddles aperitif and food drinking, a bit of both. It would be more convincing were it to be made for full table wine status. Suited to steamed foods, lightly flavoured dishes. €5.55 ex cellars. 13.5°. To 2017  Oct 2013


open, willing nose – has life, offers easy appeal. The palate is agreeable, bears flinty white fruit, suggests the aperitif. Fresh, happy wine with good length. 2014-15 March 2011