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The Wines

80-85% Roussanne, 10-20% Clairette (1960s), 0-5% Bourboulenc from limestone soils on La Gardine (N-W), whole bunch pressing, cool decantation, fermented at 18°C, raised new 225-litre oak casks 10-12 months, regular lees stirring & racking, released after 18 months, 4,000-6,500 b


full yellow robe; the bouquet is broad, produces exotic fruits, banana, has a ripe nature, the paste of fruits present. The palate is savoury, well charged with ample matter, climbs a wall of richness, an oily texture testifying to its lands of origin. There is a compressed, long finish, where white raisin and notes of camomile tea feature, with a wisp of clarity. It carries good local imprint. 14.5°. 2031-33 Oct 2019


yellow robe, a firm aspect, legs, suggests oaking. Peach with ginger assemble on the nose, influences of oak via some honey. There is a grapey ripeness derived from the south and warm climes. The palate is suavely textured, with some fleshy style in its content, and a good generosity available. The oak comes through on the aftertaste, the final signature from that. It has sufficient gras for its oak to assimilate. It’s a good 2016 Châteauneuf white with the vintage heart of gras. It’s not yet fully on the go, so try from early-mid 2018. It has assured length, serve in a large glass. Day 2: enjoyable, convincing gras, plentiful toasting from oak, sound balance. 14.5°. 2025-27 Sept 2017


(casks) charged yellow robe; the nose mixes apricot, oak and its vanilla, banana, greengage, some orange zest. It is full, the fruits ample, but it is also stylish. The palate is well lined with a richness that isn’t static – it goes broadly, and produces orange marmalade flavours, dried fruits, some nutty tannin. The finish is oaked, with a tang of bitter. Solid wine for la table and sauced dishes. From mid-2017 to allow the oak on the finish, out on its own now, to absorb. It is just a bit obvious and worked on overall. 14°. 85% Rouss, 10% Clair, 5% Bourb. 4,000 b. €38.50. 2024-26  Oct 2015 


shiny, pretty full yellow robe. The bouquet reveals pineapple, toasting, exotic fruits, has a white raisin intensity and a smoky- tilleul (linden)-vanilla pod angle, lime notes and dried apricots. There is a note of injected CO2 on the attack, so there is a light vivacity from that. The oak is prominent, but works with the gras richness, the two contributing to the depth of the wine. Good length, even if it finishes on oak and nuttiness. It certainly has a rolled-up southern heart, a definite warm climes depth, and persistence. Wine for la table: butter sauces, monkfish in saffron, blanquette of veal, pork, egg dishes. It is smooth and silken of texture; it has hardly got going, but holds good potential. 14°. 85% Roussanne, 10% Clairette, 5% Bourboulenc. Decant it. From mid-2016. 2026-28 March 2015 Previously Oct 2014 *** pale yellow robe. Creamy oak on the first nose, jam style fruit behind. Rich and sweet on the attack. Winemaking rather imposes itself at present. Lots of gras richness and sucrosity, but misses the zest of the fruit. Sweetness is the dominant factor, the oak prominent. Big wine that needs more drinkability. Wait a while. From 2016. 14°. 2024-26  JL Oct 2014


attractive yellow, some green tints and legs down the glass. Mandarin and lime appear in an elegant nose which has inviting, clam appeal, light toasting. There is more obvious oaking on the palate – the matter is suave, stylish, has a finely flavoured generosity. The prime taste is dried fruits, fennel, verbena tea, then oak-toast takes over at the end. From mid-2014 for less oak. 14°. 80% R, 15% Cl, 5% B this year. 2022-24  Dec 2012

2010 ()

pale, shiny yellow robe; has a lime, zesty pear air that is spiced, displays white plum with oak and vanilla cross it. The palate is reticent now, has a cooked white fruits flavour, with white raisin touches, spice and rather anxious acidity in this. There are toast, burnt moments on the finish. It is tight and unrevealing, a bit angular, but can develop a little. From mid-2014. 14°. 2020-22 Feb 2012


full yellow; nice and lucid nose, has a glinting minerality and also fuller airs such as baked banana. There is a beckoning finesse in it – most welcoming and poised. The palate repeats the mineral effect successfully, making it a good, clean drink. A fine layer of white fruit lies on the palate. Good balance. There is a little oak impact on the finish – it needs to rein that in, so leave until late 2012. Maybe good for the aperitif, but the oak intrudes on that for now. Great with chicken, steamed white fish, Japanese fish. 2019-21 Oct 2010


interesting, varied bouquet – butterscotch, confectionary, is broad, open and very attractive. Soft, rather elegant start to palate; has latent power and continues with a rich theme until a late oak assertion. The oak will be more absorbed by late 2008 – but for once in the Rhône the oaking has been skilful here, and reveals toast on the aftertaste, and supports the frame of the wine before then. Good length. Still rich after three days. Very good with baked salmon prepared with lime juice and ginger. 2013-15 July 2007


full yellow colour, with some pale gold and apricot present. Has a wide, quite subtle nose – it is buttery, sprinkled with spice, and mixes lime tart and crème brulée. The palate bears oaked traces, but within there is rich content, delivered with a sense of purpose. Has a pretty fresh, clear finale, the taste is like white fruits and plums. Ends on a spice-vanilla tone from its oak. Is a little constructed, man-made, as it were. 2012-14 Nov 2007