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The Wines

43-56% Roussanne, 16-33% Grenache blanc, 15-28% Clairette blanche, 0-6% Bourboulenc, 0-3% Picpoul blanc, fermented, raised 70% 228-litre & 600-litre oak casks, 30% steel vat 8 months, malo blocked


yellow robe; the nose has an orange, citrus influence, a note of salt, spice, ginger. The palate is mild and easy to drink, well balanced, carries stylish gras that continues well, notes of dried fruits on the finish. It’s deft, well made, floral and elegant. It gathers a little increase in depth as it ends, which is just as it should be. The balance is good. 14°. 56% Rouss, 28% Clair, 16% Gren bl. Bottled July 2019. €50. 2028-30 Oct 2019


pale yellow robe; the nose is silken, has a serene fruit aroma, pear with a grapefruit, citrus tang, aniseed touches. There’s a low-key buttery backdrop. This has potential. The palate reflects the nose in being detailed, well composed, delivers a very slight gain in depth towards the finish. This is harmonious and consistent along the palate. The close is lucid, floral and tender. Decant it. 14°. From mid-2020. 2034-36 March 2019