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The Wines

100% Grenache blanc (old vines) from red clay, galet stone soils on plateau of Belvedère, fermented at 18°C, raised new or 1 year oak 7-9 months (until 2008 was more vat than oak fermented, raised), 2,100-2,800 b

2018 ()

firm yellow robe; the nose involves notes of cooked apples, cider even. It has a little freshness, a touch of aniseed. The palate is mild, bears a compact ball of gras, has a pliant texture, a little note of tannin towards the finish. There is a soft mixed white fruits flavour. It’s not yet fully together, so wait until mid-2020. 13.5°. 2,100 b. 100% Gren bl. Bottled Apr 2019. €45. 2026-28 Oct 2019


good, even, shiny yellow robe. The bouquet is poised, still reserved, has a neat aroma of cooked lime, a hint of white raisin, camomile tea. The palate is ripe, stylish, bears elegant richness with a comfortable centre. It’s on its oak, so there is toffee in the flavour and the texture is more sticky than fresh on the finale. There’s nothing showy about it, and decanting will be an asset. Leave until spring 2020. 14.5°. 2,800 b. 100% Gren bl. Bottled Apr 2018. €45. 2030-32 Oct 2018

2016 ()

yellow robe, good shine in it. Oak-toast is prominent on the nose, with sleek lime-lemon airs which are streamlined. There is a light air of liquid honey. The palate is juicy, appealing, holds squeezy gras; it extends convincingly on the innate Grenache blanc fat, while there is salty trimming to it. The oak prevails on the finish. This will live and evolve well. It is elegantly broad, has tremendous length. Of course, the oak needs to assimilate. Take your time here – from spring 2019. 14.5°. 2028-30 July 2017


rich yellow colour, pale gold tints. The bouquet is making its way towards integration of oak, has a ripe peach, floral tune, definite depth, almost a brooding nature from that. The palate is lined with rich, Moscatel grape style flavours, dabs of citrus-mandarin, and just as you expect a sumptuous finish, it produces a trim freshness to lift it, and extend it well. This will become a handsome rather than a bonny wine, and has the heart and intensity to go well with mushroom sauces, Vieille France cuisine, strong flavoured dishes. From mid-2018. 14°. 2024-26 Oct 2017


opaque, pear skin coloured robe. The nose is reserved, but there is depth of cooked white stone fruits, apricot and peach, present. The palate is assertive, lined with a tannin that brings grip and a stone of fruit bitter tang. The aftertaste is dry. I am not sure about its balance, and whether it can soften and sing in time. Try from late 2016. Given the benefit of the doubt, may just have been bottled. 13°. 2022-23  Oct 2015 

2011 ()

fair yellow, legs. The first aroma is one of light toasting, followed by pineapple, vanilla, greengage plum – modern style, still in the cellar. The palate is enclosed, subdued, post bottling (in April, eight months ago). There is a small flavour of white jam – this isn’t giving a lot. Three-quarter depth gras present. Rather pristine, cellar-led wine which will be more interesting the more age it has. Currently it shows man-made, assertive matter. From late 2014 or spring 2015 for more fusion. €39. 14°. 2023-25  Dec 2012

2010 ()

there is an off note to its plain yellow colour; the bouquet is square – suggests alcohol and ripeness, scale. The aroma is cooked apple, white raisin, banana. The palate is punchy, not yet knit together, and it is entering its second stage of development now – hence it ends tightly, dourly, without expression. Decant this. From mid-2014. 14°. €45, wham! Bottled May 2011. 2020-22 Feb 2012

2009 ()

pale yellow; has a fine aroma – verveine or verbena, fennel, light licorice, a cool pear note. The palate is refined, with its oak well restrained. The fruit is classy, comes with spice and flan flavouring, has good late grip. It is smoothly and willingly textured at first, before more grip and pebble. Suited to fine flavoured foods, steamed fish etc, more than hearty country foods. Decant this. 2023-24. Now €39. Dec 2011 Previously Oct 2010 ***(*) light yellow; smoky, snappy light white raisin aroma, with plum fruit: I like its freshness. The palate runs on well from the nose – it gradually amplifies on the second stages, is taking its time. There are dried fruits and seasoning on the finish, which is clear. A bit of sweetness late in it. Can show a second phase of life, but is good for the aperitif as well in its youth. 2017-18. €38 Oct 2010


pale, flinty robe; fresh, stiff aroma – sherbet, some SO2, fresh pear within – it isn't a resounding bouquet. Has a sweets, bonbon confection taste, sweet white fruit – a formula wine that doesn't convince – it is not a child of the vineyard. Its texture is also uneven now. Leave until 2013, and hope it becomes more together and its structure becomes more convincing. Oak and honey on the finish. 2018-20 Oct 2008