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The Wines

40-90% Grenache blanc, 0-30% Clairette, 10-30% Roussanne, 5-20% Bourboulenc (pre-1945) from limestone, sandy galet stone soils on Les Tresquous (N-W), new 228-litre oak cask (light heating) fermented at 18°C, raised new 6-10 months, 1,000 b


full, slightly cloudy yellow robe. Has an aroma that suggests dry cheese, roasted nuts, orange-ginger, with plum fruit and spice. It’s a sturdy opening. The palate is in a Vin Nature mould, with hints of spritz along the palate, and dried fruits, lemon style tang. The flavour rests on peach fruit largely, has a near tannic stretch on the late stages, and a firmness of texture there as a result. There is a flirtation with oxidation, which is rather naughty, but successful, so I give it marks for character. This is a close-knit Châteauneuf white, aimed at pork, veal, will be good. 13.5°. 2023-24 Oct 2017


sturdy yellow robe. Tilleul (linden)-camomile, lightly oaked aroma, with a supple and secure knot of ripe fruit, cooked lemon, at its centre; has a petrol Riesling leaning, too. The palate is smoothly textured, and the richness is wavy, enjoyable. It travels with serene progress to a rounded finish. Polished, stylish wine. From spring 2016, for just a bit more oak infusion in those six months. Very bonny wine. 13.5°. 2,500 b. €36.50. Bottled Apr 2015. 40% Gren bl, 30% Clair, 20% Bourb, 10% Rouss. 2023-24  Oct 2015


pale yellow; lime, light mandarin, bergamot, pear aroma – the nose is a good and stylish do. The bouquet also runs well into the palate, all as one, has an attractive mildness, offers agreeable drinking. It lengthens with no false steps, and the finish is gently spiced. Its lightness of touch allied to its secure depth is a winning formula. A wine of good balance. 13.5°. €32. 2022-23 Feb 2012


pale yellow; quite a steely first air, has a buzz about, shows acetate and peach, oak and pineapple. There is an oak-honey debut to the palate, a mainstream effect. This is firm for now, and needs 18 months at least to absorb its oak – the oak really shows up late on. Needs to soften, tone down. Late banana (international) in the flavour. Can live OK, food best, not solo. 2020-22 13°. 90% Grenache blanc, 9% Bourboulenc, 1% Clairette this year. Oct 2010

2008 ()

floating, pineapple aroma, exotic fruits, dried fruits in the bouquet that is sympa. The palate starts on a taste of banana – this is a light touch, stylish wine, its gras is secure and has a bonny appeal. It shows a brioche bread effect from being raised on its lees. Has a floral aftertaste, is an interesting wine that can live. When mature, it would be great with cheese. 2018-20 March 2009