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The Wines

35% Clairette (20% Clairette blanche on Bois de Boursan, 15% Clairette rose, 1940s and older on Barbe d’Ane), 35% Grenache blanc (mid-1970s), 15% Bourboulenc (1970s), 15% Roussanne (1975/1986-8), from La Nerthe, Bois de Boursan, Barbe d’Ane, Cansaud, from 2005 enamel vat fermented at 17-20°C, raised 20% 1-2-3 year oak, 80% vat 5 months, malo blocked, 2-2,400 b


good, fine yellow colour. There is an appealing line of freshness on the nose, hints of lemon and a saltiness, a very light floral topping, roasted nuts, white peach present. This billows out well on the attack; the palate shows more obviously the southern richness than the nose. This holds a very good tandem of gras and freshness, the balance good. It is STGT wine, advertises fine virtues of classic southern grapes delivered with skilful elegance, the 2013 clarity a big help. A long, lovely, delightful charming wine – it is dainty but true. Scented late moments lead into a very precise, salted finish. 13.5°. 2026-28  March 2015



pale flint yellow colour; there is a quiet, stealthy width to the bouquet – it bears airs of white fruits, lime, dried fruits – it isn’t quite out and declaring yet. This has an easy melody, with a definite, marked gain in depth and bite towards the finish, where it shows a touch of tannin. It has a deep-seated gras richness, and is a great companion for a dish of Puy lentils, wild mushrooms, morilles. No pretension, traditional wine, has some damp wool notes as it breathes. “The Clairette needed the structure of the Roussanne because the aroma was explosive, but the wine tended to fall down on the palate. It is good with asparagus,” Jean-Paul Versino. 14°. 2026-29  Dec 2011


(tank portion) broad but airy, refined nose; there is a good little roundness on the attack, shows a pretty ball of fruit with some late grip. Has wire. 14.3°. (oak portion) soft, honey and pineapple from its oak, with a little bonbon in the aroma. The palate has a low key core of content, a little fat in it. OVERALL accessible, early wine. “Our Clairette gives our whites finesse,” J-P Versino. Nov 2007


nutty, tight nose, with wisps of flan, peach, crème patisserie and aniseed. The palate is gracious, has a round, quite svelte texture. Is more harmonious early on than late, where it is just closing down. Peach flavours, with a gentle, bonny curve to it. Finishes cleanly. Its 14.2° is well handled. Getting to a little mineral stage. Maybe leave until 2011 now. 2014-17 Nov 2007

2005 ()

harmonious, pretty, soft bouquet of white fruits and some aniseed. Round, rich wine with some growing chewiness through it. Good substance, the finish is helped by a little oak that comes through more in the texture of the wine than its taste – good. Dried fruits flourish at the end. 13.7° 2013-14 “The 20% oak brings more richness and aromatic complexity,” Jean-Paul Versino. June 2006

2002 ()

fresh, lightly floral and mineral aroma. The palate is perfectly agreeable, floats along. There is a little white fruit present, some end heat. Will improve a little, in the classic off-vintage way. From 2008. 2013-14  “We harvested on 5 September, before the rains – the Roussanne was ready at 15°, the Grenache blanc at 14.5°, Clairette 12.8°, the Bourboulenc11.8-12°. It amounted to a wine of 13.9° once blended. It has more acidity than 2001,” Jean-Pierre Versino. Feb 2003

2001 No Rating

“We harvested 15 September; the Roussanne was very concentrated – Grenache blanc at 15°, Clairette at 13.3°,Bourboulenc 12.5°, the final wine 14.3°. It has greater style than 2002, is rather rich," Jean-Paul Versino.