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LVT 2017 r 2019 wh Underestimated quality, STGT southern zone truth from the hot soils there. More Syrah, less Grenache recently. The wines can be fully charged, coming as they do from the precocious south-eastern sector. An unusually high 10% Muscardin can serve to keep the lid on the power of the red wine, which was **** in 2015. The white gives good, traditional virtues, based on 60-70% Grenache blanc, and 10-20% Clairette, and can be a wine for its second stage, after five years or so. A special white, Etienne Pecoul, 100% Clairette blanche, was introduced in 2015, and two special reds, a 100% Grenache, also Etienne Pecoul, and a 100% Mourvèdre, Henri Perges, in 2015. They come from Les Galimardes, and the 2016 Etienne Pecoul red was a ****(*) STGT wine.

Guy & Fréderic Nicolet BP06 84231 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cedex

Tel: +33(0)490 83 71 86



Percentage Exported: 60%

British Importers: Cellar Wines Direct Ltd Taffs Well Cardiff CF15 7QR +44(0)29 2081 4000

USA Importers: ExCellars Wine Agencies Inc, Frederik Ek, 9 Francis Ave, Cambridge MA 02138 +1617 876 5105 and Solvang CA +1805 686 9153 www.excellars.com info@excellars.com