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LVT 2017 r 2016 wh Underestimated quality, STGT southern zone truth. More Syrah, less Grenache recently. The wines can be fully charged, coming as they do from the precocious south-eastern sector. An unusually high 10% Muscardin can serve to keep the lid on the power of the red wine, which was **** in 2015. The white gives good, traditional virtues, based on 60-70% Grenache blanc, and 10-20% Clairette. A special white, Etienne Pecoul, 100% Clairette blanche, was introduced in 2015, and two special reds, a 100% Grenache, also Etienne Pecoul, and a 100% Mourvèdre, Henri Perges, in 2015. They come from Les Galimardes, and the 2016 Etienne Pecoul red was a ****(*) STGT wine.

Guy & Fréderic Nicolet BP06 84231 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cedex

Tel: +33(0)490 83 71 86



Percentage Exported: 60%

British Importers: Cellar Wines Direct Ltd Taffs Well Cardiff CF15 7QR +44(0)29 2081 4000

USA Importers: ExCellars Wine Agencies Inc, Frederik Ek, 9 Francis Ave, Cambridge MA 02138 +1617 876 5105 and Solvang CA +1805 686 9153 www.excellars.com info@excellars.com