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The Wines

100% Grenache (1950s-1960s) from galet stone covered soils on Les Les Galimardes (S-E) & Les Serres (S-E), destemmed, 3-4 week concrete vat vinification at 24°-25°C, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling, aged 600-litre oak casks 9 months, first wine 2015, 1,500 b

2016 ()

(casks) dark red. The nose is full and enjoyable, presents genuine garrigue herbs and cooked plum fruits straight from the Grenache, with some blackberry from the vintage. It shows lightly floral tones, and has assured, unforced depth. The palate shows the strength of this dry quarter of Châteauneuf, ripples with muscular content, southern heart, and a firm richness, a hum of power apparent just under the surface. It’s a bold, grounded, STGT wine of good, local pedigree. The tannins are compressed on the long finish, and it needs leaving until 2022. 15.5°. 1,500 b. €23. 2038-41 Oct 2017


(casks) quite a dark red robe. There is a supple aroma of coulis style black berry fruit on the front nose; it has a simple roundness, not much variety. The palate bears juicy gras, with a fluid run towards the finish, gives an enjoyable swirl of flavour with a note of sweetness within. The tannins come finely. It’s gentle, easy to appreciate, with the fruit flavour the ace card. 15.5°. From mid-2018. 2027-28 Sept 2016