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The Wines

75-80% Grenache, 15-20% Syrah, 0-5% Mourvèdre (both mid-1960s) from from 3 hectares on blue clay soils on the Pisan site on Le Pas de Meunier slope between Rasteau and Roaix, destemmed, 25-28 day vinification in oak, wild yeasts, a few pumping overs, raised large 12 hl & 30 hl oak barrels 12 months, then raised concrete vat 6 months, unfined, unfiltered, first wine 2000, organic, biodynamic wine, “the blue clay can bring iodine on the finish”, 2,300-8,000 b

2017 ()

shiny red robe; the nose has good breadth, shows licorice, plums, good clear depth, a hint of violet. This has good structure, proper make-up, holds dark fruit, live tannin, good energy, goes long and has real spine. This is very promising, carries great lucidity in its fruit, is a good biodynamic wine. There’s detail on the finish, clue fruit, coolness. It’s very good. 14.5°. 4,000 b. €26 at the cellars. 2040-42 Feb 2020


full, dark robe; the nose is full, on prune fruit, simmered raspberry, isn’t yet fully out. The palate bears rich content with black cherry to the fore, is wide and rolling, layered. It’s a sunny wine with fine grain tannins attached, covers the ground pretty well, is suited to beef dishes. Decant it. 14.5°. 5,600 b. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. €25 at the domaine. From spring 2020. 2034-36 Mar 2019


(oak vat) pretty dark red robe. The nose carries potential - for now it sits back, with a mix of chocolate, brewed black stone fruits. The palate is nice and savoury, offers a roll of black cherry-inspired fruit with a salty tang as it closes on a sustained length. Pretty stylish Rasteau. 14.9°. 75% Gren, 15% Syr, 5% Mourv. From 2018. 2027-29  May 2016


red robe. Charcoal, oaking on the nose, with soft floral touches in its red berry jam. The palate is neatly packaged, with a little run of red fruit and some clear tannin attached. It ends on that rather rocky take. Medium weight, steady Rasteau. 14.9°. 4,500 b. 75% Gren, 15% Syr, 5% Mourv. €10.50. From 2017. 2025-27 May 2016

2013 ()

dark red robe. Has a broad nose, not yet in full revelation; for now it sits on a black jam couch, with a note of black olive. Its depth is sufficient to encourage variety over time. This is sealed on the palate, carries a certain mass of compact, jam-jelly black berry fruit with licorice and tar developing on the finale. It has ways to go, is an honest, pretty full Rasteau with local colour present. Good with beef daube, and a proper olive, Provençal preparation in it. 14.5°. 2,300 b. €10.50 export. From spring 2016.  2026-28 Apr 2015 


dark colour; there is a pulp of dark berry fruit aroma here, with layering that provides depth and a little mystery to the nose. A backdrop of some sweet garrigue herbs hovers. The palate sets off with dash, serves up tasty black fruit that runs with abandon. Good wine – expressive, and well-tuned between its elements, notably content, fruit and tannin. Good style, has flair. It ends on a full, rather chocolate, prune, clear note. 15°. 4,000 b. VALUE at €10.50 export. 2025-27  April 2015


very impressive robe, with bright red-purple at the top. The bouquet is settling down, is stylish, shows oak still, with black cherry fruit neatly aligned within. It’s a shapely, calm opening. The palate is also a serenade of lissom textured content, has a soaked black cherry – griottes – flavour with elegant juice, refined tannins on board, the balance is right on the money. It is fresh, crystal clear on the second half - a just tribute to the clay soils – and is a high grade, silken Rasteau, finesse to the fore. The one issue is that there is still oak along the palate – it advances with air, and I would have preferred less - indeed in the past five years, the Coulons have used larger barrels for less oak influence. Hopefully it will gradually recede here, so take your time. This will live well and evolve slowly. 14.5°. 80% Gren, 20% Syrah, organic harvest. Bottle no 3,576. 2034-36 Nov 2020 Previously May 2012 **** dark red, black tints. Ripe blackberry fruit air, with an attractive “gleam” in it; it has an earthy backdrop that provides extra depth, while licorice and garrigue herbs are detectable. The palate is firm, muscled, stoked up; its core fruit is juicy, but its big frame needs leaving for three years, say. It holds deep-set black tannin that gives it support. Wait for increased variety and charm. Sturdy, clear Rasteau. 14.5°. 2030-32  May 2012

2009 ()

quite a dark red. Grilled bacon, black cherry air that is pretty – there is a light sweetness and it is a nose that is deep without being forced. It has a juiced front to the palate – cassis, Morello cherry lead the fruit flavour, with the texture firming a little after half way from its ripe, constant tannins. All very orderly, a wine of good, wholesome quality and balance. There is plenty here – it reaches out well, and the aftertaste brings in pine, oiliness. Well-made wine – an ensemble with local strength and good fruit carry. 2024-26 May 2012 Previously Feb 2012 **** full red; licorice, nutty, crunchy black fruits air, a sense of pine attached – this is a true aroma for its place. The palate delivers shapely black fruits, with a smoky interest in them. The wine is upright, but holds a gras richness filling. There are traces of oak in this that lend it a charcoal, chalky side. It's still young, just about ready. 14°. €19 at the cellars, quite high. 4,000 b this year. Bottled June 2011. To 2022-24 Feb 2012 Previously Oct 2010 **** (barrel) full dark red, some black. The nose smoulders, offers a dense raspberry, prune-plum, licorice, some mineral influences. This is compact and powerful on the palate, and not revealing a lot for now. I suspect the non-Grenache contributors (tasted blind) are sealing it up, and there are also oak traces that especially show with a charcoal late tang. It ends richly and firmly. Well put together wine, no disjoint in it. The tannins are a bit chalky. Can improve and show very well around 2016-20. From mid-2012. 2023-25 Oct 2010

2007 ()

dark red. Has a big, broad, full bouquet that is not yielding a lot. The mature fruit air is of prune, with blackberry jam in the second rank, also delivers a note of game, a hint of menthol. The palate is chunky but not static – it has some freedom, clarity beyond its dense matter. It is wide, sunbaked across the late palate, with sturdy tannins still on the go. Decant this. 14.5°.  2023-25  May 2012  Previously Dec 2009 ***(*) dense robe; really good, thorough bouquet – very good and ripe, mulberry red jam here, along with blueberry, blackberry. The palate has a mineral, squid style tang to it, with a saline aftertaste, which is normal for this wine. It flirts with over ripeness, but is rigid, straight at this young stage. A wine of dimension, an imposing wine that has a fresh finale nevertheless. Eating a chicken dish, it is enhanced by the ground black pepper on it. 2023-25 Dec 2009

2006 ()

wide, sustained, also oaked nose – solid heart to it, has a nutty couch – is firm from the oak. Robust but finely textured palate that runs on with good push, has oak in the mix. Modern wine, oaked end, is nearly ready. 2018-20 March 2009

2000 ()

full colour; steady aroma of dark fruits, has potential to vary, offer leather, spice. The palate has a sympa roundness, is full, and the initial tannins move smoothly. At heart, it is ripe and suave. A lot of final tannin comes through. Much more than their regular Rasteau which used to contain this wine. Nicely oily texture here. Esp drink around 2005-06. 2016-18 Nov 2002