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LVT 2018 r  2011  wh  Gérard Bouyer created this northern sector domaine in 1984, and changed the old farm into a vineyard-only enterprise, growing it from 10 to 23 hectares. He retired in 2009, when his daughter Christelle took over with her husband Jérôme Grieco, who left his job as a motorway/autoroute patrolman at 34 to make wine – he is self-taught. Christelle, a cousin of Daniel Chaussy at Mas de Boislauzon, has accountancy training and has worked full-time at the domaine since 2011. Their first wine was 2009.  No weedkillers used. SO2 used just before bottling, 16 mg, for example.

The vineyard rental arrangements lapsed in 2019, so Jérôme and Christelle have reduced the total vineyard to 15 hectares, eight hectares less, “so it is a manageable size for the two of us.” The Châteauneuf part is now 5.5 hectares, with 0.5 hectare bought from neighbour Domaine La Millière during that 27 hectare estate’s sale in June 2019. Henceforth there will only be Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Vin de France. 

I thoroughly recommend the wines, which hold good fruit, and are blessed by clarity, with none of the souped up sweetness so prevalent these days. No oak is involved here, and whole bunch fermentation is practised. The superior Les Anglaises (1935 Grenache) was a ***** wine in 2016, a ****(*) wine in 2015; based on 1935 Grenache that is N-West facing on sandy soils; one of its features is the silken feel it often gives. The regular Châteauneuf-du-Pape red is always full of fruit. Good Villages and Vin de France reds that have character are also offered. The Vin de France Début d’une Histoire is well worth trying; it centres on 1965-1973 Cinsault from red clay in the commune of Orange, a vineyard that could give Rhône Villages if it weren’t all Cinsault. A wine of character, off the highway, it is very popular in bars and hotels in Paris. An enlarged cellar from 2013 allowed raising to double in time from nine to 18 months. By 2015 bulk sales had been reduced to 20% in favour of bottling at the domaine. Delas buy some of the bulk wine.

Christelle & Jérôme Grieco Impasse 2835 route du Grès 84100 Orange

Tel: +33(0)6 63 41 99 88



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) Sweden, Denmark 3) GB, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Percentage Exported: 80%

British Importers: Warren Wood Wines High Wycombe +44(0)1494 439 322 www.warrenwoodwines.com contact@warrenwoodwines.com Vine Trail The Poland Building Aardman Animations Gas Ferry Road Bristol BS1 6UN +44(0)117 921 1770 www.vinetrail.co.uk enquiries@vinetrail.co.uk

USA Importers: Opici Wine Group 25 De Boer Drive Glen Rock NJ 07452 +1201 689 1200 www.opici.com info@opici.com before 2017 was United States Wine Imports Ltd Patrick Allen 165 W Shreyer Place Columbus OH 43214 Petit Monde Oregon