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The Wines

since 2005 80% Grenache, 10-12% Cinsault, 8-10% Syrah, Mourvèdre, before was 75% Grenache, 10% Syrah, 5% Cinsault, 5% Mourvèdre, 5% various red and white vines, now is only from Clavin beside the domaine, destemmed, 17-20 day vinification, pumping overs, large 50 hl barrel raised 15-16 months, unfined, unfiltered, previously called Vieilles Vignes, 10-15,000 b


dark red; there’s a good line up of blackberry, loganberry fruit, moss, cool notes on the nose, which persists well, has some red meat depth, herbs also. The palate attacks with bright freshness, and energy in the tannins, drive, lift. A cool mineral thread runs through it. This has a good texture, is a high interest Côtes, comes with length and strength, is a genuine child of the garrigue, an STGT wine par excellence. Menthol, ink touches give it good direction. The tannins need to refine. “We list 35% Grenache from the coulure,” Jean-Paul Daumen. 14.5°. From 2022. 2035-37 Feb 2020

2016 ()

sound, fill red robe; this has a straight off the garrigue aroma, mixed herbs, rosemary, cooked plum airs on the go. The palate is still en route, comes with sensuous and stylish gras within, with more bracing sides. It appeals via its carry of floral rose, violet notes, and is way above the usual Cotes du Rhône by dint of character and local ID. Its tannins give it impetus, and it’s a wine of high interest. 14.5°. From 2021. 2033-35 Feb 2019


plum red colour; the nose is reduced, so decant it. There’s gummy fruit, cooked plum with spicing. It is just getting there, is rounding out, carries interest. The palate gives a clear, typical 2015 strike of red fruits, smoky and gunflint moments, has a rocky fissure close. This could be a child of granite soils! The aftertaste is peppery. Wait until spring 2020. 14°. 2031-33 GB £156 per 12 b i/bond H2Vin quintessentially@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 073 6655 Nov 2018

2014 ()

sturdy red robe. There is a good spring out of plum fruit on the nose, which is nicely ripe and holds well, comes with peony, and is typical of Grenache. The palate starts with spice, cool red fruits, raspberry and plum. The tannins are also attractive, bright, lightly powdered. This has good accuracy and detail -  you can get into this; it’s both w.o.w. and STGT – a real clear drop. It gives tasty fruit, fine grain after, with small red fruits on the close. “It has good vivacity, ripe grape flavours with freshness,” Jean-Paul Daumen. Bottled end May 2016. 13.5°. 2024-26 Sept 2016

2013 ()

there is a bright centre to its red robe. Has a funky, animal-entrails aroma, a concerted grunt factor, red cherry liqueur: a right bundle it is. The palate is spinal, as per the vintage, holds streamlined red fruit and brisk tannin. It’s structured, as this wine always is. It delivers openly, doesn’t hesitate, is still fusing. 13.5°. From 2018. 2028-30 Nov 2016 Previously Sept 2016 *** red robe with a deep plum centre. There is insistent dark fruit on the nose, black fruit jam, tar – it’s a sturdy event, with a lurking reduction. The palate has a rather thick, peppered debut, with grippy, demanding tannins, carries raspberry fruit. It’s upright, a bit stiff, has a dry angle, so it is vintage faithful in that sense. From mid-2018 – it needs to ease. Decant this. 13.5°. 2026-28 Sept 2016

2011 ()

has a Grenache plum red colour; there is interesting subtlety and variety on the nose – airs of plum fruit, red berries, smoked bacon, a little pine, herbs of Provence. It is as pure as usual, and puts on a good show. The palate is tight-knit, still on its tannins which have a crisp crunch to them. It shows good lift as it ends. It flows clearly, but is enclosed by its youth and tannin. Decant if drinking it now, or drink from spring 2016. It builds up some late glow. The tannins have a chalky quality which is OK. Has character. 14.5°. £120 12b i/bond H2Vin www.h2vin.co.uk orders@h2vin.co.uk 2026-28 Nov 2014 Previously Dec 2012 ***(*) (concrete vat, bottling March 2013) (concrete vat, bottling March 2013) bright dark red, shiny; Blackberry fruit with an attractive amount of depth, a graceful nose with a licorice freshness in it. The palate holds lively, peppery fruit; there is gras present, which continues. Good depth of fruit here. It doesn’t end timidly – it is peppered, keeps going, and the last moments are saline, salted. Expressive wine. From spring 2014. 30 hl/ha this year, 14.5°. 2023-25  Dec 2012


still a dark red robe; has a spiced, vigorous nose, shows black fruit jam, blackberry, black olives, licorice. There iodine, mineral glints in it, and a lovely ripe curve underpins it. The palate holds commendable, typical 2010 coolness, gives a real good run of spiced, pure and clear content, with touches of dry textured tannin that is firmly powdered along it. This has character. 14.5°. 2027-28 Sept 2018 Previously Feb 2012 **** steady, rather bright red, inviting robe. Herbal, floral, dusty stones, burnt ash air, a strong, very local sense of garrigue without big, overwhelming fat fruit behind, a good feature. It holds discreet, well-established black fruit – it gives the sense of old vine quality, with no forcing. The palate is intricate, with channels of flavour and tannin running here and there. Has bright length, the tannins are live and still a bit dusty; as it airs, the tannins become darker. Its depth is strong. A wine of great character, STGT, bang on. No hurry – from 2013 spring, for instance. 2024-26 Feb 2012

2009 ()

dark red, shiny. Rolling blackberry air, thyme, leather. The fruit emerges well – date and prune come along in light amount, have some style. The palate is more backward than the nose, as if just between youth and its second stage. There is tasty black fruit within, with definite smoke and saltiness in its late stages. The finale is tight; it has a dark fruit grounding, active, crisp tannins. It is losing a bit of its first fruit, the nose showing secondary touches. From 2014. 14.5°. 2025-27. “It wasn’t an easy year to find the balance. Alcohol, ripe sugars, the tannins ripening later, not all together,” Jean-Paul Daumen. Dec 2012


pretty complete dark red robe; fruit jelly, red jam aroma – the typical 2007 Grenache imprint – with laurel, rosemary herb influence, and a twitch or two of intrinsic power. A red jam, cherry style flavour comes across – Grenache leads this again on the palate, and while it offers abundance, it flirts with headiness late on. It holds cleanly struck fruit, without an intrusion from notes such as pepper or licorice. The end is secure. 14.5°. To 2020-22. Feb 2009

2006 ()

red plum with dark traces in the robe; has a deep, brewed bouquet that is wide and commanding. There are black fruits with forest airs and baked touches. There is plenty of gutsy depth on the palate – black fruits, prune, Christmas fruits, dates and licorice. There is power in this, although it doesn't obviously show that. It is a little weighty at the end, where the texture is rounded and there is just a small bite of tannin. 14°. To 2021 or so. Feb 2009


dark-toned black plum robe; leather, black fruits with a reserved nature on the bouquet that persists well and coolly. The palate fruit has a good kick, with some richness to support it, and runs on steadily. Has quite a solid finish – is complete there. Late on there is a mix of gummy fruit and ripe, still young tannins. A handsome wine, not a patsy. The finale is peppered. From autumn 2008 for better access. Will reach a stage of harmony, though will always have backbone in it. 2021-23 Nov 2007

2004 ()

some matt in the black plum robe; the bouquet has a cool air – mixes black fruit, some smoke, laurel and menthol, with a little raspberry – and is a pretty affair. There is a nice squeeze of rich, well-founded black fruit on the palate: this is a wine of structure. Can be drunk from now on. There is nothing obvious about it, with its subtle black fruits and black berry appeal. Will also drink well around 2010, with some maturity. A food wine. 2016-18 Nov 2007 “It was much more closed up before now,” A.Becker, Nov 2007 Previously Nov 2006 *** classy, elegant nose, black fruits with a silken side. The elegance continues on the palate, delivered in a rounded texture, and the fruit has grip, too. A well-mannered wine with good fruit core, that is on an open, nicely expressive road now. No real hidden corners to it. 2015-17 Nov 2006

2003 ()

mild, evolving, red-ruby robe; the nose shows sweet, slightly herbal red jam with pebbly notes, and a wee hint of licorice and game: is quite broad. The palate starts freshly, with a peppery, minted flavour: is a wine of spine, even in this hot year. Has an interesting character, and woven into it is some peppery, spiced plum. Certainly has good tannins at the end. Good clarity for a 2003. 2016-18 Nov 2007 Previously Nov 2006 *** fat, full nose that is gourmand, and expresses smoothly packed jam, then a meaty, slightly spiced air adds some extra tone. Pastille fruit on the palate, and in the texture with its sweet note and late air of violets. Drinks quite easily, though there is some heat here that is mostly absorbed – is towards 15°. Absolutely requires drinking with food. It lengthens and softens with a Parma ham or cannelloni aux legumes, too. Drinking well now. 2016-18 Nov 2006


mild red, very Grenache robe. Pretty bouquet - mix of flowers, red fruits, very harmonious now. Assured, elegant fruit on palate, very well sustained. The customary elegance of the domaine here, this is a refined Côtes du Rhône. Very good now, length very good, too. 2017-19 September 2005, London

1998 ()

this is called Vieilles Vignes on the label. The colour is a very Grenache red, the top quite clear, mauve tints. Has a nicely sweet, rounded nose, garden fruit present, strawberry. It’s good and broad, open. This is stylish, mixes some freshness with a growing, spiced pluminess. Its quality is latent for now, will come through in two+ years. It shows creamy cassis style rounded fruit. The tannins are pretty evident, but are nicely integrated. It’s fresh into the finish. 2018-21 Nov 2000


Vieilles Vignes on the label: gentle plum colour; the bouquet is soft, shows a discreet air of blackcurrant jam, is very velvet-like and rounded. The palate gives prominent, suave fruit, a jam style also, which corresponds to the mild tones of this vintage. It is still quite reserved, a touch hidden and fragile, soft above all. There is some final heat. It will show more from late 2000 or 2001. There is a rather dark, semi-burnt aspect on the aftertaste. This is a quite low acidity wine that is more squeezy and soft than the 1996. 2011-13 Jan 2000

1996 ()

this is called Vieilles Vignes on the label. Medium red colour, a fairly bright robe. There is a touch of warmth, in a generous bouquet, is pretty much down the line, no hidden corners. This is nicely succulent on the palate, has a good, persistent fruit heart, sustains nicely. It holds up well, finishes firmly. This will open more, is tasty and honest, isn’t a powerhouse. It combines pleasure and intricacy well. Optimum around 2002-03. £59.75 the case of 12 from OW Loeb. 2008-10 Nov 1999