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The Wines

40% Syrah, 40% Mourvèdre, 20% Grenache (vineyard replanted with tired Grenache being taken out, until mid-2010s was 50% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% each Mourvèdre, Carignan) from red clay, stony sand and pebbly soils on a limestone couch on Balouvière at Saint Laurent des Arbres, hand harvested, destemmed, crushed, pre-fermentation cold maceration, wild yeasts, 3-4 week vinification, wild yeasts, light pumping overs every 2 days, Mourvèdre & Grenache concrete vat raised, Syrah raised 30 hl large oak barrel (new in 2018) 12-14 months (extended from 9-10 months until mid-2016, encouraged to do that by Vincent), unfined, filtered, 10,000 b


(barrel/vat) dark red; grilled meat, smoked oak notes on the nose, an inner line of blue-black fruit in a firm channel, hints of prune and black olive. This is a solid affair, has good coverage, the tannins firm but approachable. This is good Lirac. Salt notes towards the finish aid its appeal and drinkability. The Mourvèdre marks the length and the finish well, firmly, good and compact. 15°. The Mourvèdre was harvested on 3 October, six days later than 2017. An export price of €8 is VALUE. From 2021. 2030-32 May 2019

2017 ()

notably dark red; meat stock, charcoal, oak influences show on the nose, with an aroma of coulis of black berry, and an oily intensity. The palate is sun-filled, but not top heavy, with plenty of good juice lined up. It ends with a dash of freshness in its glowing content. It needs another two years, so from 2021. 15.5°. 10,000 b. Bottled 13 Feb 2019. The Mourvèdre was harvested on 27 September. 2030-32 May 2019

2016 ()

full red robe; bacon, prune, ripe blackberry assemble on the nose with pockets of cool – it bears ripeness and lucidity together, a swell duo. The palate: zap! There’s great gourmandise on a table spoon on the attack, an instant hit, lovely serving, has tasty leaning towards delicious fruit and richness, harmonious tannins – it’s rare to use that adjective for tannins. Cool threads, salting, add to it. This has really good balance and ensemble, is a wine of poise, class. “All the grapes were good and handsome, like 1990,” Sophie Armenier. The Syrah was harvested 12 September, the Mourvèdre 29 September. 2038-40 May 2019

2015 ()

red robe. Spicy, red berry fruit, raspberry aromas come forward with concerted depth in the fruit; the nose is all open and straightforward. This is lissom wine, sleek in tannin and content, with the polished fruit on easy red wheels. It has a footprint of Philippe Cambie, the adviser. It builds a little intensity on the close. It’s perfectly OK, but is a bit low on soul. 14°. 2025-26 Nov 2016 Previously Sept 2016 ***(*) full red robe. A firm air of blackberry leads the nose, has style, elegance, is softly floral. The palate gives a rounded, cosy drink of black berry fruit with a savoury content via some supple tannins that leave a little final trail of pebble dust. The texture is suave until the entrance of the tannins. Well-tuned, harmonious Lirac which needs another six to nine months to bring the tannins within. From mid-2017. 2024-25 Sept 2016 GB £118 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk info@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 478 7376


fair red colour. This has a suavely fruited aroma, gives an air of appealingly plump red berry jam; it is clean, and presents floral styled Grenache fruit. The palate links very well to the nose – there is a seamless transfer into rolling, scented red fruits, while discreet tannins help to extend it. The crushed fruits flavour is authentic, and this will be very attractive to drink with lamb. Its big ace card is its good, naked fruit, the clarity of that lying at its core. Much lower Grenache this year - a blend of 35% Grenache (low), 35% Mourvèdre (very high) and 30% Syrah (low). From mid-2015, is bottled already, and not far off ready to go. GB £51/6 bots in bond Berry Brothers 0800 280 2440 +44(0)207 022 8973  www.bbr.com  £108 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk 2019-20 Nov 2014

2012 ()

bright red, glinting robe. This has a concerted aroma, with good fruit at its apex, smoke a trace of dust, low-key Grenache generosity – it has good local feel, and suggests an attractive, curvy future. The palate fruit is clear, even precise. It is closely enclosed by gummy, knit tannins now, is very young at present. It goes for style over power, is a decent Lirac, has some hand made attributes. From spring 2015. £110 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk 2022-23  Nov 2013

2011 ()

quite dark red. Has a roasted air with almond and raspberry, charcoal and blackberry present – the bouquet is wide, can come out further, which will help. The palate is tight-knit on the attack, hardly going yet. Modern style, without real local ID. It is very much a locked-up do, both on nose and palate. It ends on burnt stages, with a strong imprint of oak there. The finish is grippy, dark and smoky. It will give more from late 2014 than now – it is wide across the palate, and will make it way well, since there is plenty to get one’s teeth into. 14.5°. To 2019-20. €14.  May 2013

2009 ()

full, dark red colour; the nose has a crunchy aspect, just out of the vat in style, with an aroma of soaked black fruits and outcrop herbs. There is a little reduction from the Syrah. There is an agreeable strike of black fruit on the attack, crisp tannins with that; it keeps going in that vein, is a mover, not a stationary wine. It needs 18 months to loosen and fuse; the length is OK. It is a bit stiff as it finishes, the spot of oak not yet fused, and the wine just bottled. From spring 2012. 2019-20  Oct 2010


quite a dark robe; has a nutty, grainy, grilled nose, some reserves of depth – it can emerge and amplify over time. There are restricted, not very open black fruits on the palate; they develop a crisp note after half way. Mot made to catch attention, has been calmly made. The length is OK. It will be supple, less upright from mid-late 2010 on. There is a touch of meat stock on the aftertaste. 15°. To 2015.  Dec 2009

2005 ()

bright robe; open, berry jam aroma, reflecting prunes, but there is nice life in it. Stylish fruit on the palate that is clean and consecutive, ends with red fruits and a little kick. The tannins are in shape for it to live towards 2014. The length is good, the finale fresh and a bit salty. Nov 2006