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The Wines

40-80% Grenache (1920s), 20-30% Syrah, 0-28-30% Mourvèdre, 1-2% Cinsault from galet stone covered clay-limestone soils, destemmed, 20-28 day concrete vat vinification, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling, aged new & 1-2 year 600-litre oak casks 15 months (until mid-2010s aged 2-3 year 228-litre oak casks 12 months), unfined, filtered, 1,800 b


(casks) big, dark robe; the bouquet has a husky angle, bears mixed herbes de Provence, chocolate, dark black jam, licorice airs. The palate holds gliding black berry, cherry fruit with a supple coat around it, some oak on the outside, which distracts for now. It keeps going soundly with the push from the attack in the ascendancy for the most part. It finishes on chocolate, black raisin, iodine flavours. There is plenty to fill the glass. 14°. 1,800 b. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. €35. From 2022-23 to calm the pushy close. 2040-42 Oct 2018


(casks) full, dark red, legs. Blueberry, licorice mingle with sweet oak on the nose, has a lamb stock aspect also. It’s rather weighty, but the fruit has lift. The palate runs with open black fruits and some crisp tannins within the oak covering. The finish is lip-smacking, not yet clear, can develop towards menthol, minted cut. This is still right in the cellar, so leave until 2022. It can be a poised, modern Châteauneuf. 14°. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. €35. 2039-42 Oct 2017


(casks) dark robe; manly depth with roasted, firm notes in its black fruit, airs of black pepper on top. The palate provides stylish berry fruit with personality, more than many Prestige “goody 2 shoes”, pristine wines. Pockets of tannin in and out of its palate keep the interest going, its freshness maintained. It holds a compact bundle of gras richness. From 2016. 14°. 80% Gren, 20% Syr, 1,800 b this year. 2030-32  Nov 2013


(casks) dark robe. Nutty top air with streamlined, full black fruit under; the nose has a marked sense of oak-charcoal, dark Indian tea. The palate has a blackberry flavour, with an oak spine directly though it. It ends on oaked stiffness with a wave or two of fruit around, at its feet. A cellar-forward wine that is a bit mechanical, and has front of mouth acidity. It dries rather fast on the finish. There is a little violet on the aftertaste. From 2015-16. 80% Gren, 20% Syr this year. 2030-33. Dec 2011


(casks) quite dark robe; black cherry aroma with implicit sweetness in it – it is all fruit for now, maybe a touch of leather in with the prune. Has ripe, semi-gushing palate fruit, picks up acidity as it goes, ending on a mix of oak and quite ripe tannin. Rather international, but has been carefully made. The fruit is a bit loose at the finish, where the oak really is pronounced. From late 2013. 2025-28 Oct 2010


(casks still) dark robe. Blackberry tart nose, licorice, crisp airs. Oak is snappy around it, juniper suggestions (ie power). Big and broad, but can settle and become stylish. Vigorous black fruit with good life in it travels along the palate, gets beyond its oak, has sound richness with a black cherry flavour at it’s the end. Good length. Going the right way. From 2011. 2024-27 Nov 2009

2006 ()

thorough, quite dark robe; oaked, nutty top to the bouquet with width in its red berry fruit. The oak is very obvious, but it is elegant beyond that, shows a little rose-hip. This is a cellar-worked wine, oak all around it, the fruit liqueur in style. It is all a bit worked on, extracted. It ends on oak. The fruit resembles red pastilles, Grenache at its heart. From 2011, and I hope its content can hold up over time. 2022-24 Jan 2008


bold, Victoria plum robe; sweet, ample bouquet – ripe blackberry, violets – it is open, with flowers and sweet Asian spices hovering. The palate has a sweet-toned debut – this is a fleshy, gourmand wine with juiciness to the fore. Tannins are present, and add some late licorice, maybe derived also from Mourvèdre. It is a little charged in alcohol, but the texture is suave, so this is not a direct problem. It tightens at the end, is gutsy, local. From 2010 to allow its tannins to settle. 2024-27 June 2008

2004 ()

black tints in the red robe; sappy, southern bouquet – shows olives, herbs and a little sweetness. Easy, approachable, quite supple palate, with black fruits, mulberry and blackberry. The tannins need leaving until late 2008, and there is nice spot of freshness towards the finish. 2021-23 Oct 2006

2002 No Rating


2001 No Rating



full, oily depth on the bouquet, the black fruit aroma is quite directed. The palate bears ripe fruit; the oak serves to dry it, but there is richness. OK, a bit plain. From 2005. 2019-21  March 2003