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The Wines

60-90% Grenache blanc, 5-40% Roussanne, 0-5% Clairette from siliceous-clay, galet stone soils on Les Coulets/Saint-Paul (S-E), Pied Redon (S-E), cool decantation after pressing, fermented at 16-18°C, raised 50-70% steel vat, 30-50% 1-year 228-litre oak cask 6-7 months, oaked wine has lees stirred, organic wine, 500-1,200 b

2019 ()

(vat/cask) firm yellow; the bouquet is compact, close-knit, sturdy, has a firm aroma of pear, a hint of orange peel, a note of candy, pear in syrup, oak. The palate is weighted, robust, charged, with an inner note of eau de vie, kirsch, peach stone towards the finish. It’s doughty, packed, muscular, for white meats, strongly flavoured dishes. The Roussanne provides a little lace trimming, relative delicacy, around its sides, but the heart is definitely full on Grenache blanc from a hot summer. The finish is solid, wide. There is a lot of oak, and that needs to integrate and melt into the second tier. From 2022, decant it. 60% Gren bl, 30% Rouss, 10% Clairette blanche. 2032-34 April 2020


firm yellow robe; the bouquet lunges out via exotic fruits, mango, passion fruit, is butty and solid. There’s a hint of petrol above, a note of toasting. The palate is well filled, carries firm richness which persists, the finish revealing some local glow, power. Oak comes along on the aftertaste. There’s the risk of being top heavy, as it’s rather confected; it demands food, so its strength can be absorbed. Decant it. 14.5°. 600 b. Bottled Apr 2019. €29. 2028-30 Oct 2019


shiny, full yellow colour; the bouquet is fat and buttery, grilled, shows guava jelly, mango, tropical associations. The palate presents an orb of fat, smooth content, and picks up the buttery theme in the closing stages, with a tang and compressed grape essence flavour there. The length is good, with pockets of aniseed freshness. 14°. 500 b. 60% Gren bl, 40% Rouss. Bottled June 2018. 2028-30 Oct 2018


firm yellow, gold-hued robe. The nose is almost oxidative, but not actually so; it is firm, thorough, evokes brioche baked bread, lemon curd, apricot and peanut paste. The palate presents a solid front via compact, sealed richness, is very much on a glycerol, for la table, trail, its heart truly Grenache blanc. The fringes have a little Roussanne fineness. Decanting is required for it to gain more expression, especially on the bouquet. I like its thorough heart and terroir relationship to Provençal cuisine. It has character, finishes well, with salted, cooked lemon. 14°. 60% Gren bl, 40% Rouss. 2029-32 Sept 2017

2015 ()

bright, quite full yellow. The bouquet is tight, but wide, is on baked bread, licorice, greengage plum. The palate gives a serene run of white plum fruit, with fine freshness well in tune. There are bonny touches of apricot, ripe white strawberry adding interest. Good depth, with some subtlety. 2027-29 Sept 2016

2014 ()

yellow robe; lime, candy first aroma, has a sharp strike, is backed by fennel. The palate is tight, a little arm’s length, technical. It is upright on the finish. It doesn’t hand out much soul, is plain wine. There is a small knot of gras on the finish. Shadowy wine. 13.5°. 60% Gren bl, 40% Rouss. 770 b. Bottled March 2015. Fermented at a lower degree – 16°C – than in the past (18°C).  2024-26  Oct 2015


yellow-tinted robe. Has a chunky, square, rather alcoholic nose, an air of peanut paste present, and airs of resin, infused tea. The palate also displays a square, grounded style – this leans rowards food, hearty foods, meat dishes with mushrooms, Italian country cooking. It accentuates ripeness, ending on glazed fruits, white raisin. The chief problem is alcohol, which is borderline. Not for those who seek elegance – the finale is assertive, goes bang. Food will camouflage failings, lack of balance. 60% GB, 40% R, 70% vat, 30% oak, bottled Feb 2012, 900 b, €24.50 this year. 2020-22  Dec 2012


even yellow robe; cooked white fruits such as pear, fruit tart air – the bouquet shows a thorough ripeness, is a solid ensemble, is typical also. The palate starts off in chunky fashion, is thorough in the same way as the nose; it is still under wraps with its firm packing. There are herb-garrigue notes in it, is an STGT wine. It has a firm, long conclusion, with the aftertaste bringing forward tilleul or linden and white fruit jam. 14°. €25. Bottled Feb 2011. 2025-27 Dec 2011


light yellow robe; high tone, robust bouquet, baked white fruits and aniseed. Forceful, rather big, scaled-up wine with cellar-derived heart. Shows late tannin, spice, heat. Food a must for it – white meats are on the agenda given its big style. 2017-18 Nov 2009