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The Wines

28-35% Clairette blanche (1960s, 1996), 25-33% Grenache blanc (1960s, 1996) on clay-limestone soils on Coste Froide (E), 28-36% Roussanne (1994), 8-9% Bourboulenc (1970s) from sandy-clay, stony soils on Bois Sénéchaux (N-E), hand harvested, pre-fermentation cool maceration at 12°C on Clairette, Roussanne, 65-75% steel vat-fermented at 17°-18°C/raised, 25-35% (Roussanne) fermented/raised in 25% new, 75% 1-year 225-litre oak casks 7 months, malo blocked, filtered, 11,500-13,000 b

2019 ()

refined, rather pale yellow robe; the bouquet brims with an aroma of ripe white fruits, white peach, white strawberry, touches of aniseed, shows the sunny depth of the vintage. There are light notes of toasting from the oak. The palate is suave on debut, bears a mixed white fruits’ compote flavour, citrus moments, with oak coming through towards the finish. The length is fair, though there is a little drift towards the close. It’s still in its shell, has unfinished business, and if drunk now needs decanting, or better still, leaving until mid-2021. It marries elegance with stylish initial fullness, and is suited to la table – cheese, vegetarian pasta, noodle dishes. It will be better for being left for a while, and evolve well into a second stage: it could reach **** if left. 2028-30 July 2020


attractive yellow robe. The nose involves citrus fruits, ginger, apricot, has a little southern oiliness below that fresh topping. The palate bears appealing gras richness, is well presented, keeps going well, ends on fresh notes, has the body and texture for steamed fish, teriyaki. It captures the 2018 freshness, and shows well now. It’s very appealing. 14°. 11,500 b. 35% Rouss, 30% Clair, 27% Gren bl, 8% Bourb. Bottled May 2019. 2027-28 Oct 2019


yellow, a hint of green. The nose reveals mandarin, citrus touches, cooked lemon, anis de Marseille, roast nuts, toasting. It’s evolving, varying well. The palate has a careful debut, on dried fruits, good, firm content, and control, gripping well on the close. Infused tea, aniseed show up on the finish. It’s stylish, interesting, a good mix of squeezy gras and fine freshness, is very pointu, precise. It firms up towards the finish, is indeed Southern. 14°. 36% Rouss, 30% Clair, 25% Gren bl, 9% Bourb. 2035-37 Oct 2019


refined yellow robe. The nose is dumbing down, going inwards, evolving, has discreet oiliness, shows apricot, brioche white plum fruit. The palate shows more than the nose, a ripeness of white fruit with steady control all through, leading into a firm, well layered finish, potential a-plenty. It has a red wine structure, is for later years, will be a real winner in a large glass. This is a great success, interesting, very high quality. The second half is firm, a real couch of content there, a futon to support it. It has great length, is top class Châteauneuf blanc. Brilliant with turbot. 14°. 35% Rouss, 30% Clair, 27% Gren bl, 8% Bourb. 2040-42 Oct 2019


fine yellow robe. The nose is compact, subdued in expression, gives drifts of white flowers, greengage. The palate is soft, holds mild gras, an orderly centre of white plum fruit, has dainty freshness. It floats gracefully, and is very attractive, a really good and neat ensemble, suited to the aperitif, with charm in the glass. It’s w.o.w. Châteauneuf blanc. 14°. 13,000 b.  2020-21 Sept 2016


green-tinted yellow robe. The nose offers an air of pear fruit, with a note of butter, a hint of petrol, brioche, nuts. It has fair weight for the future. The palate is a good blend of freshness and supple content, as if there is Bourboulenc present to add that vivacity (tasted blind). It is 34% Roussanne, 29% Clair, 28% Gren bl, 9% Bourb. Genuine white Châteauneuf, STGT instincts, drinks well, with life. 13.5°. 12,000 b. Bottled June 2015. 2021-23  Oct 2015 


pale colour. The nose is stylish, crisp, subtle and white fruited. It gives a good first impression, though has a slightly tannic, scorched note that affects its serenity. The palate holds live fruit, is still enclosed overall, the length sound, the finish fresh. There is slight mid-palate dip here. It is a bit tame after a promising bouquet. From spring 2015. 14°. 28% Rouss, 28% Gren bl, 35% Clairette, 9% Bourb this year. GB £POA Berry Brothers 0800 280 2440 +44(0)207 022 8973  www.bbr.com £232 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk To 2019  Nov 2014

2011 ()

mild yellow robe, some shine in it. The nose is holding back, offers a greengage plum, spice, wee note of petrol, glazed fruits. The palate rumbles along with some fat at its centre, lacks nuance but holds its own with garlic, Mediterranean dishes. It brings in a more zesty mandarin finish, so ends on the move – well. Has sound body. The finish is varied, interesting – flint, linden (tilleul), aniseed. 14°. 2021-23  Dec 2012

2010 ()

pale yellow; has a peach richness aroma, sweet white fruit jam along with a mix of butter and honey. The palate is traditional in style, rather grounded, wigthy in nature. It ends on the fat of the Grenache blanc (tasted blind) some spice. This is never going to be sleek of fresh. A sturdy, rather plain wine. 14°. 34% R, 29% each Gren bl, Clairette, 8% Bourb this year. 2017-19 Dec 2011


level yellow robe; white jam, abundant instincts on the nose that has a little welcome freshness and a spiced, vanilla-flan air – a pretty start. This is good, authentic white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, STGT wine: there is plenty of good fruit – peach, quince (fresh side), crabapple hints. It ends clearly and well, and shows a drop of aniseed and spice on the aftertaste. Very correct, has decent length. 14°. To 2016. Oct 2010


low key yellow. Some dried white fruit airs, flan, and a bit salty, zesty. The palate is modestly weighted – there is peach and apricot in the flavour. Could have more depth and interest, but can expand a bit. Is unambitious but would do OK for the aperitif. To 2015. Nov 2009

2007 ()

pale yellow; floral, honeysuckle aroma, a sympa start, offers white jam, is easy going, suggests ripe fruit. Harmonious palate – there is a good, even keel delivery of dried white fruits perked up with late vanilla pod, all nice and clear. A food wine – not that fresh, but good with Coquilles St Jacques, cheeses etc. 14°. 33% Rouss, 29.5% each Gren bl, Clairette, 8% Bourb this year. Gren bl harvested starting 31 Aug, Clairette week of 10-17 Sept. 15% new oak, 10,000 b. 2015-16 Nov 2009 Previously Feb 2009 *** mild yellow robe; hazelnut, nougat aroma – shows honey traces, a dash of lime cordial. There is also hazelnut in the flavour – this comes in a firm setting, so food is best for this, salads etc. Dried fruits such as peach feature on the finish. Has enough matter to evolve. 2015-16 Feb 2009 Previously Jan 2008 *** (pre-bottle) wee yellow in the robe; honey, oak and honey along with apricot in the broad and quite full bouquet, and a little butter behind. Round, quite assured start to the palate, which bears the flavour of white peach, and almond, even nougat later. Some freshness at the finish. Hangs together well. Has some scope for meals and food, a future lies ahead. Quite a big wine, with decent length. 2014-15 Jan 2008


the nose is buttery, shows cinnamon spiced flan, white fruit, lime tart and a tang of exotic fruits. There is a gentle roll of white fruit on the palate – this provides nice and easy drinking, and ends a little on the pepper. There is just a touch of late heat. Stylish wine, with a nice late burst of acidity. There is peach in the flavour of the aftertaste. A harmonious wine, with good fat in it. 14°. 33% Rouss, 29.5% each Gren bl, Clairette, 8% Bourb this year. Gren bl harvested starting 30 Aug, Clairette week ending 12 Sept. 15% new oak, 10,000 b. 2015-17 Nov 2007 Previously March 2007 *** (pre-bottle) fresh aroma, but a little stinky in back – some butter, flan, white fruit here with bone. Rich content, especially mid-palate. Length is OK, with some power, although the palate drifts a bit late on. Fresh finale. Racy style of wine. 2012 March 2007


yellow tints in the robe; hazelnut, peach stone aroma – apricot and tangerine mingle – there is some ripe zest in this. The palate is tightly composed – it is a wine of internal power, and is reserved and bound together today. It is fairly muscular, with hazelnut in the taste, then more of a peach, floral late show. There is a pocket of vanilla at the end from its oaking. “It is now better than it was earlier in its life,” Bernard Travelecoste. To 2018 or so. Nov 2007


aromatic, live bouquet, rather chunky. The palate has a bonbon flavouring, the feel live, though. White stone fruits lie at its centre, with a touch of guava, has a decent, oily length. Sound, suited to food. 2008-09 March 2003

2001 ()

pretty, deep yellow robe with signs of gold. Has a sweet, buttery, tangerine and apricot aroma – barley sugar or butterscotch hover in the air, with a sprinkling of spice and also pear and wax. A real array. This is a wine of good poise and grip on the palate – it has great style – lots of good acidity and freshness. It is a really classy southern white. Has the balance to live another 15 to 20 years. There is a touch of late salt, also pepper. It is fine, with the caress of a smooth, buttery texture. A great wine to put before people who do not know white Rhônes – look what you have been missing out on. Fish such as turbot, sweet spice dishes, a fricasée of chicken in a cream sauce - lots of options pour la table. A mere 13.5°. 2024-28 Nov 2007