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The Wines

70-85% Grenache, 6% Syrah, 4% Mourvèdre, 2% Cinsault, 2% Terret noir, 2% Picardan, 2% Picpoul noir, 2% Counoise, 2% Muscardin, 2% Vaccarèse, 2% Bourboulenc, 2% Clairette blanche, 2% Roussanne from Les Escondudes, La Nerthe, La Crau, Les Saintes Vierges, Les Bosquets, before 2010s was at least 80% Grenache with crop picked deliberately late, whole bunch concrete vat fermentation, pumping overs, aged 90-100% large 27-60 hl barrels, 0-10% mature casks 18-24 months, 6-10,000 b

2016 ()

(large barrel, bottling Dec 2017) very dark red, purple top. The bouquet is thickly endowed with a compressed pile of balck fruits, blackberry and ripe blueberry. It’s not varied at all as yet. The palate is broad, expansive, bears deep content and develops spicing and notes of black pepper towards the finish. It’s a big, but pretty well controlled wine, not too plush, I am glad to write. It has quite tenacious length. 15.5°. 10,000 b. 70% Grenache. €220. From 2021, not earlier. 2036-39 Oct 2017

2015 ()

(large barrel, bottling March 2018) dark robe. The nose is an inky affair, very dense, carries a multitude of crushed and notably ripe black fruits piled high. They have a savoury intensity. The palate also weighs in with plush armchair of copious fruit; this is solid, nearly overblown, broad and brimming Châteauneuf: drinking it for fun isn’t a realistic option, so one is left with offering a good few friends a glass each at the end of a dinner. One is left seeking light relief in it, of which there is little. Chocolate shows on the coated aftertaste. 15.5°. 6,000 b. From 2020. 2031-32 Sept 2016


(barrel/cask, bottling Feb 2013) dark, shiny robe; violet-blackberry fruit lies at the heart of a serene nose, full of charm and also southern certainty, has a hint of tobacco: this is going to be close to explosive at seven to eight years old. The palate starts on a taste of black raisin, has the usual concentration but also the breeze of 2010, with inset tannins that provide a grain and chew on the finale. Long, sustained and all together it is. It lengthens with a fresh touch, and ends on an intriguing mix of flowers, herbs and precise sweetness. A very bonny wine. It glows on the aftertaste, is obviously rich in alcohol (Laurence tells me it is 15.6°), but, crucially, it is well balanced. From 2015-16. 2034-36 Feb 2012 Previously March 2011 ***** (barrel/cask) bright purple, dark red robe. Springy blackberry air, herbal touches, oily black fruits. Juicy and attractive palate – the fruit is silken, tastes of prune, and has a good measure of tannin at the end. It travels across the palate well, leads to a herbal aftertaste. Good balance. 22 years of life, say. March 2011

2009 No Rating

NOT PRODUCED “A very traditional Châteauneuf-du-Pape year, very dense, won't please everyone, too much coming out,” Laurence Féraud.


(60 hl barrel) full, complete red with mauve tints; has a good, broad aroma, has a biscuity black cherry air and a combination of herbs and licorice – has a lot of potential variety. The palate is tightly packed – it is very Grenache in style with its firm red fruits and prune flavours. The finish is robust, nice and deep, and there is an admirable fresh tang at the end. More stylish and live than many 2007s. From 2012. 2027-29. To be bottled late 2009 or early 2010. Nov 2008 From Les Escondudes, La Crau, Les Saintes Vierges, Les Bosquets, but not La Nerthe this year

2006 No Rating


2005 No Rating

NOT PRODUCED. “I did not make it this year since it lacked some richness and structure in the mid-palate,” L.Féraud

2004 No Rating



from Les Escondudes, La Nerthe, La Crau: bold, brewed fruits bouquet with a deeply set aroma reflecting berries such as mulberry. High octane palate, with glints of alcohol; has fruit and flavours such as baked raisin and prune. Some freshness is a definite help. Very broad and punchy at the end. The fruit is getting there, is knitting inside the wine. Bottled one month ago. 2021-24 Feb 2006

2000 No Rating

from Les Escondudes, La Nerthe, La Crau

1998 ()

(barrel) dark purple, black colour; The nose is powerful, and more generous than the Cuvée Réservée – is riper, more succulent, sweeter. A fat wine with a lot of intense extract. Alcohol runs around it at the end (it is 16.5°, off the baked stones), and there is a firm licorice show towards the finish. Combines power and flesh. To be bottled Sept 2000. From 2003-04. 2019-23 Feb 2000 From Les Escondudes, La Nerthe, Montpertuis, La Crau