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The Wines

100% Grenache (1900s-1920s) from Cansaud (N-W), Farguerol (N-W), a bit of Boilauzon (N), hand destemmed, 3-4 week vinification in 400-hl oak casks, aged new-4 year 400-litre oak casks 14-16 months, unfined, filtered, first wine 2009, 800-1,300 b

2016 ()

(casks) largely dark red robe. Sweet oak and mulled raspberry, liqueur style fruit, compose the bouquet for now. Toffee and black raisin add to its density., and there’s a toasted-roasted aspect as well. The palate bears some stylish matter with a cloak of oak all around it. The oak and richness render it thick, not mobile. This therefore needs leaving until 2023 or so for a good, clearer, more decisive tune from it. I back it to be impressive if aged as advised. 2036-39 Oct 2017


(casks) largely dark red robe. The palate wells up with cooked red berry fruit, traces of cocoa, black raisin. It’s not really open yet. The palate holds suave black stone fruit content, polished tannins, keeps a good, steady length. It has charm, and the finish is nice and full, prolonged. There is glow on the aftertaste, some heat. Raised in new 400-litre oak casks. From mid-2019. 2031-33 Sept 2016

2013 ()

shiny, quite dark red robe. The palate is graceful, broad, its depth comes from within: there is a perfumed, touch sultry aroma of small black berry fruit. It will emerge and vary stylishly and calmly, with interest. The palate is the bearer of a smooth as silk texture, a true Châteauneuf coating. At its heart there is a naturally deep blackberry jam flavour. The tannins emerge with stealth and really deliver emphasis on the finish, mixed in with herbes de Provence, camphor. Very good, a true Châteauneuf. 15.5° - which isn’t noticeable. 1,300 b. Raised in 1-year 400-litre oak casks. From 2019-20. 2031-34  Oct 2015 

2011 ()

steady red robe. The nose has a note of oxtail funkiness in with its more calm stream of red berry fruits, offers scents of the garrigue, mixed herbs, also. The palate is sturdy off the bat, fuelled by the vintage headiness. It’s a full hearted Châteauneuf, but is on the big side. I prefer the nose to the palate, even if the attack is savoury. The tannins bring in a chewy, cigarette ash standing. This is close to sipping wine, a bit brutal, but with local thrust. 15.5°. 2029-30 Mar 2018

2009 ()

plum red colour. Quiet nose – smoky red plum Grenache airs, pebbly notes as well. The palate is spicy, bears cooked red stone fruits, is rather soft, but also tenacious, grips at the end stages. Raised in new 400-litre oak casks. From mid-2013. Just bottled five days ago. 2027-28 March 2011