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The Wines

60-65% Roussanne, 35-40% Grenache blanc (vines mid-1990s-early 2000s) from clay-limestone soils on Les Grandes Serres (S), varieties co-fermented at 18°-20°C in 3-4 year 228-litre oak casks, raised 7-8 months, malo blocked, first wine 2014, 907-1,000 b


full, lusty yellow robe. Mango, exotic fruits lead the nose, off we go on that tropical canoe. It has a plush ripeness, and suggests very ripe Roussanne was harvested. The palate has a petrol element, bears a flow of well stocked gras richness, with sweet inserts in the second half. It has a pleasing texture, and finishes in a compact manner, on a flavour of crabapple, with a breath of local strength, can be decanted. It will tick over quietly for some time to come. 13.5°. 1,000 b. 65% Rouss, 35% Gren bl. Bottled May 2019. €45. 2030-32 Oct 2019

2017 ()

sturdy yellow robe. The bouquet is well together, shows brioche bread, white raisin, a touch of spicing. There are salted fringes that give lift. The palate is firm, implanted with compact, nutty, hazelnut flavouring, dried fruits on the prowl. This is manly, concerted wine for bold flavoured dishes, serve in a large glass, not too much drunk at one time. The finish is a little assertive, on its power, and out on its own, but that can be mellowed with the right food – salmon, cheese, included. 14.5°. 2030-32 Oct 2018


attractive fine yellow robe, a little pear in it. The nose is refined, has Roussanne elegance and “sparkle”, citrus touches with white flowers, a subtle white peach. It’s a deft combination of grace and quiet sudiste/southern depth. The palate starts with a fresh tremor, develops a lissom gras, a plump, textured content, ending freshly. Elegance is foremost, with sympathetic oaking, too. It grips neatly on the finish, the length good and fine. Good detail here – the Grenache blanc plays a good role on the gras, the Roussanne on the elegance. It is harmonious, fine and tasty, and deserves classy cuisine. There is a touch of oak-honey on the aftertaste. Day 2: has a buttery-lime aroma, mild vanilla. The palate has a fresh debut, carbonic gas present, the finish neat. 14.5°. Good with Comté cheese. Bottled 31 May 2017. 907 b. 2022-23 Aug 2017