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The Wines

60-70% Clairette (late 1960s and older), 15-20% Grenache blanc, 15% Bourboulenc, 0-5% Roussanne, 75-90% vat fermented at 16-17°C, 10-25% 1-yr oak cask fermented, then raised with lees stirred every 2 days, raising 4-5 months, malo blocked, 2,000 b

2016 ()

yellow robe. Has a compote of white fruits, stewed fruits aroma in a nicely traditional nose that comes with buttery touches, has richness, airs of apricot juice. The palate is expressive, on citrus fruits, mandarin, peach and apricot leading the flavour, with dried fruits towards the finish, where there is late grip, some spice. It is a bit dour – come back to it in two years. 13.5°. 2024-25 Oct 2017


mild yellow; nutty, dried fruits, local style nose, shows traces of honey, is a bit closed. Rather solid, well-founded palate that is suited to foods rather than solo drinking. Shows a waxen note towards the finish. To 2017 “It has a pause after two years, then the Grenache blanc takes over, and pine spice notes come through,” Fred Boutin. Dec 2009 Previously Nov 2008 **(*) (vat portion, 75%) **(*) pale, flinty colour. Pear drop sweets, zesty nose; elegant, direct palate – has a white fruits tread that is well-formed. Some late heat. Good width – holds up well as it ends. (oak portion, 25%) ** pale robe; pear, with honey also on the nose. Creeping, gradual gain in richness on the palate, and brings more matter than the tank portion. Esp from late 2009. 2016-17 “I find typical Clairette on the nose and palate – acacia, white fruits, with a mineral end,” F.Boutin. Nov 2008


mild yellow colour; honeycomb, dried fruits such as apricot aroma, spice and banana, maybe a touch of SO2. The palate shows the good, traditional virtues of Châteauneuf-du-Pape – dried white fruits, with an easy richness, approachable fruit with freshness and mineral present. Sympa wine with good end wee ball of gras, and the oak doesn`t show through at all. “The Clairette leads when young, then the Grenache blanc takes over, and keeps it going,” F.Boutin. 2017-18 Nov 2008

2002 ()

bonbon, candy airs, a steady bouquet. The palate holds some pebbly fruit, has smoky, flint attributes. Is a bit straight down the line. 2008-09  March 2003