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The Wines

40% Grenache blanc, 30% Bourboulenc, 30% Clairette blanche from galet stone covered soils on La Consonnière, Les Galimardes (S-E), Cansaud (S-E), 50% new, 50% 1-year 228-litre oak cask fermented, raised 5 months, lees stirred, “drink as an aperitif, or with fish, cheese”, 2,500-3,000 b


this has improved, as hoped: fine yellow. Gooseberry-lime freshness shows on the nose, a mildly sweet underlay, a southern couch, melted butter notes, roundness. The palate debuts on a nicely oily texture, and holds suave, wavy content; the flavour is a little dumb, ends on nutty notes. This is well made, clear Châteauneuf, with enough gras for la table, and some longevity. The finish is local – aniseed/fennel, grainy grip, a note of some oak, tannin. This is refined, balanced, a beau blanc. 14°. 2024-25 Jan 2018 Previously July 2017 **(*) yellow robe with an oily, southern sheen. The nose is fresh, and leads on mandarin-tangerine, notes of cooked pear, apricot juice. It’s got tempo and a vivid style; fennel-aniseed are present, indicating the Clairette blanche. The palate mixes oak-vanilla, peanut paste, a cellar-derived imprint. The flavour runs on smoky, tight white fruits, with a tang of bitter, as if Marsanne were included. The nose is solid, as is the palate, but the late, rather scorched angle is disconcerting. From late 2017: I’d like the cellar influence to retreat. There is caramel from the oak in the flavour. Decanting advised. Day 2: stylish nose; white fruits, pear fruit, but it’s a touch edgy and candy-like on the finish, with that marked bitter tang again. 13°. 2023-24 July 2017

2015 ()

yellow robe with some depth. It’s a broad bouquet with notes of petrol, peach, an infused tea oiliness. The palate is close-knit, bears a greengage, brisk fruiting with a pick-up of white peach and spice towards the elegant finish. It has a little intricacy that will serve it well as it evolves. It tones down on the finish. Decant it for now. 13.5°. 3,000 b. Bottled June 2016. 2024-26 Sept 2016

2014 ()

yellow colour. This has a carefully defined bouquet, one that mixes peach, wild fern, quince-tangerine and a mineral air, so it sets up interest before the palate. There is a good level of rolling, fleshy white fruit on the palate, and that continues into a tangy finish. It is a neat package, unpretentious, and comes with pretty traditional virtues, is suited to la table. It is tasty on the close, still going well there. 14°. €22. Bottled Feb 2015. 2023-25  Oct 2015 

2013 ()

fuller yellow hue than many. Grassy, herbal nose. The palate is rather flat, the whole wine diffuse, not focused. The finish is dull and drying. Possibly corked or oxidised ? A second bottle tasted to verify. Apple/pear nuance and more flesh but still a little out of kilter. Score based on the second bottle. From 2015. 14°. 2020-21 JL Oct 2014