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The Wines

75% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre/Cinsault from galet stone covered clay-limestone soils on Les Galimardes (S-E), Fangueiron (S-E), Coste Froide (E), Farguerol Nord (N-W), destemmed, 20-26 day steel vat vinification at 26°C, pumping overs, cap punchings, part vat emptying/refilling, raised 60-80% concrete vat 15 months, 20-40% used 228-litre oak casks 10 months, then vat 5 months, 15-25,000 b

2016 No Rating

(vat/casks, bottling Feb 2018) dark red. Has a brothy, beefy aroma with prune fruit centrally. The palate bears stewed black fruits with a rather clumsy set of tannins, the finish on the dry side. This is obviously very unrefined for now, and will be better judged post bottling, when it should be fresher. 15.8°. 20,000 b. €26. Oct 2017

2015 ()

(vat/casks, bottling Feb 2017) full red colour. The nose is broad, filled, not yet easy to define. There are brewed airs, black fruit, grilling. The palate has inner strength, carries a salted mulberry and cooked plum content, breathes a latent southern power. It is an ensemble, and will give a good, full and authentic glass. The tannins add discreet depth, and there is a peppery sign-off. Take your time: from 2019. 14.8°. 25,000 b. 2032-34 Sept 2016

2013 No Rating



(vat/cask, bottling Feb 2014) good dark red; has a coated strawberry coulis or jam aroma, touches of blackcurrant – the fruit air is intense here, resembles jelly. As yet there aren’t many extras to vary it. The palate starts on sweet-tuned red berry fruit, all in a smooth, liquid presentation. “Fluffy”, low-key tannins lie within. This is a facile wine on the surface, won’t necessarily live that long, will please early. The flavour resembles raspberry as it ends. Difficult to drink a lot of this at one sitting. Weighty, sweet lozenge style wine. From mid-2015. 15°. 15,000 b. 2024-25  Nov 2013


(vat/casks) dark red, legs down the glass. There is a brioche couch to its dark, spiced fruit, an air of black raisin in a toasted, wide nose. There is ripeness and oiliness in the fruit – there is plenty here. The palate bears a prune flavour with a chalky tang and assertive tannins around it. The length is decent, but it has hardly got going yet, is not showing its true palette of flavours. There is a clear breeze on the aftertaste. Has the profile of “dark” wine, is modern and has plenty of drive. Decant this. From mid-2015. 15°. 2028-30  Dec 2012


(vat/casks) quite a dark red with purple top tints. Has a Grenache plum and redcurrant jelly air, with spice present, also rosemary – an inviting, true bouquet. Sleek, refined, polished Grenache fruit extends most of the way along the palate; it stops a beat or two short of the line, but is balanced. It can evolve gently, become aromatic and supple, especially from 2014. 2024-26 Dec 2011


three-quarter depth red; smoky, red berry, bosky air, red fruits prevail. Easy, supple start to the palate; this does not have any great dash, but the fruit is supple, flexy, and it drinks easily. A wine of shorter horizon than most, with the Grenache fully expressed. The length is sound. Gives a touch of late tannin tang. 15°. 2019-21. €20 Sept 2011