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The Wines

50-80% Clairette (early 1980s), 20-50% Grenache blanc (early 1980s) from Le Pointu, sandy soils with rock, fermented, 1 year ex d`Yquem 225-litre oak casks at 18°C, raised 12 months, weekly lees stirring, 1,933 b

2016 ()

(casks) yellow robe, quite rich. The nose is weighted, has an intensity waiting to break out. There are airs of tropical fruits with oak, cooked lemon. The palate starts on a thick wave of content, has a tangy, grapey flavour with peach and a note of lavender with spearmint towards the finish. The oak is infusing steadily, I feel. The aftertaste has a little clarity in the fruit, so this can become interesting. 14.5°. From late 2018. 2022-23 Nov 2017


yellow robe, a few green tints. The nose has an oily quality, notes of honey, vanilla, the fruit in a second tier, resembling greengage; there is a “high” note in it, off-beam. It could be clearer, and decanting will help. The palate has a crunchy start, and is also not that clearly defined or shaped as a whole. The finish gives some heat. This is disorderly. 14.5°. 2021-22  Oct 2015 

2011 ()

steady yellow robe. Oak plus vanilla lead air on the nose, with ripe white fruit jelly inside, glazed white fruits richness, and a cussed nuttiness. The palate is rectangular, the shape derived from its oaking. Inside that corral are flavours of peach, smoky greengage plum. Sound length and freshness – this is a fairly full-on wine. There is some glow on the finish. 14°. Suited to foods, sit-down occasions. Bottled June 2012. 50% GB, 50% Cl this year. 2022-23  Dec 2012

2009 ()

quite full yellow, green tints. Tarry oak, toast with a bit of burn about it on a stout nose that bears definite ripeness. It shows reduction, and is an uncompromising wine for now, needs decanting. Sturdy, has a thorough heart, can age well, and become interesting. Not mainstream, despite the oak. 14°. 2022-24 April 2011 Previously Oct 2010 *** (casks) glinting, soft yellow robe; fennel, lime freshness on the nose, has a saline side, and is not quite pristine – shows a bit of burn. Barley sugar, baked white fruits early flavour; it extends carefully, has a nice liberation thanks to its Clairette, with fine oaking late on. Decent poise along the palate, has style. Glows on the finish. From 2012. 2020-22 Oct 2010

2006 ()

yellow, level colour; uneven bouquet – melted brown sugar, honey-butterscotch on the surface, but a touch of SO2, also fennel and high tone. The palate has a spice-infused start, comes with a rich texture – there is an obvious gras in this. Draws to a slightly peppery end with a touch of burn in it, late heat. Lime and white plum flavour precedes the spiced finish. Its balance is not certain, and a bonbon sweets taste is too firm for comfort. Rather empty, heated aftertaste. Must be decanted. 2010-12 July 2008