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95-100% Grenache (1904 and older), 0-5% Syrah (1983) from sanded soils on Palestor (N), pre-fermentation cold maceration, whole bunch concrete vat 5 week vinification at 29°C, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling, aged 3-8 year 600-litre oak casks 12-14 months, fined, comes in a big, wide bottle, 1,500 b


attractive dark red robe. There’s a winning fullness on the nose, which involves soaked black cherries, licorice, some oak smoke, bacon; it has ripples of abundance, is an engaging start. The palate gives a gourmand roll of cherry flavour, black olives with tasty tannins right in its wheel. There is a hint of oak out on its own on the finish. This is really good, a true Châteauneuf more of the old school than new. It’s got very good length, and a silken touch on the finish. 14°. 1,500 b. 100% Gren. Bottled Feb 2018. €37 at the cellars. From 2021. 2035-38 Mar 2018

2015 ()

(casks) the robe is dark, filled. The nose is weighty, based on basil-pine and a copious extract of crushed blackberries. It has a sweet, sustained depth, notes of beef as well. The palate carries real strength, has a mighty amount of content that is all closely packed in together. There is real concentration of old Grenache here, with a note of cool in the blueberry fruit that glides late on via some toffee from the oak. A serious, structured wine, for patient cellaring, the patience to be rewarded. It has excellent length. 100% Grenache. 14.3°. From 2021. 2033-36 Sept 2016

2010 No Rating

dark red; first nose reflects lees, acidity, black berry fruit behind. Both samples are very much in a raw currently being raised state, and the lees influence makes it difficult to judge on the palate. There is tar, direct black fruit, some late heat. Try when bottled. Dec 2011


modest three-quarter depth red; iris flowers, cold tea air – an offbeat, wide nose with blackberry behind. The palate immediately suggests a gourmand style, with a here and now delivery of juice before it tends to dry, showing the 2009 dryness on the finish. Lacks a bit of class, the style is pushy, not relaxed. 14°. 2018-20 Sept 2011 Previously Oct 2010 N/R 2 samples, like the Tradition not in good shape. No 1: sober, rather matt red. Baked, chunky top air, but also sweaty, and oppressed by the 2009 drought. Sweet, also false note to the palate, has a lactic aspect. Ends on overtly dry acidity in the front of the mouth. Hard to judge. No 2: clear, quite dark red; but also a lactic side, with a lot of front of the mouth acidity. Oh dear. Oct 2010


sound, quite dark red; hints of red jam float on the nose, with a game nature – this gives a secure sense of the Grenache, while the vintage lends a more pointed note. Sound richness on the palate – it is tight early on, while its gummy tannins work well and circle it in a compact form. Nutted, oaked aftertaste. Can settle from 2011. A decent shot at a Prestige wine for this domaine. 2020-23 Jan 2008